“In Element” Interview

The Rock band “In Element” was formed in 2003, in Buenos Aires Argentina, last November 2022, the band embarked on a European tour together with NILE & KRISIUN, with a total of 36 dates, and SOLD OUT concerts in London, Ireland, Portugal, Germany and Slovenia, IN ELEMENT continues with the promotion of their latest album “VICTORY OR DEFEAT”, in a long tour through South America, together with SEPTIC FLESH, in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Colombia, closing the year with the pioneers of death melodic metal on November 8 in Buenos Aires, Argentina along to IN FLAMES.

SUNRAY: The band was created in 2003, Please talk to us about the story of the band.

In Element: We released our first album in 2003 and here we are in 2023 with the sixth album. And that’s important, we are here because we are here, and that’s a miracle in all aspects, not only artistically. About our music, we combine some different ambient, with no boundaries, but definitely between the lines of metal, death melodic, and some industrial elements.

SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

In Element: But on that time when we started, I would say, Fear Factory, Amorphis, At the Gates, and some artists out of the metal scope, like Hendrix, David Bowie, and Prince.

SUNRAY: How does your creative process work, do all members contribute equally or is there one main songwriter?

In Element: The process is that there is no process and has been more and more in this way in the last two albums. Nevertheless, all songs come from an expression of the guitars and then, develop the song from that point.

SUNRAY: How was the experience on the European Tour with NILE & KRISIUN?

In Element: There were 35 dates in 38 days, in 14 countries with NILE and KRISIUN! It was a huge challenge, even for Nile and Krisiun, because it was a very long tour. We played top-notch venues, sold out dates in the UK, Spain, Portugal, and Slovenia, and were able to meet musicians who were also on tour, like Sepultura and In Flames.

SUNRAY: Please, talk to us about your currently released album “VICTORY OR DEFEAT”

In Element: Let’s talk about this latest album, & VICTORY OR DEFEAT. What themes or concepts do you explore on this album? It is a short album, perhaps following modern trends a bit, above all things at the time we felt that it was the message we wanted to deliver and it was concrete and it was not necessary to add more songs that were not part of that piece of art. The most important thing about VICTORY OR DEFEAT was to free ourselves from the past, to start a new era for the band with that concept, which is about winning or being defeated, not reward or punishment, all or nothing, it giving everything you have. has, for the simple fact of feeling it.

SUNRAY: During all these years, you released several albums and singles, What is your favorite song to perform?

In Element: The innocence, Until our last breath, Haze inner blindness…and…The immortal ones, that is a new song from our upcoming album.

SUNRAY: In a few weeks you will open the concerts of the great Greek Death Metal band Septicflesh at the Teatrito ( October 30) and the Swedish Melodic Death metal band In Flame, at the Arena Sur ( November 8), how are you preparing for it?

Playing with big bands is quite a deal. You have to be up to par, in sound, work equipment, lights, and show. They are bands that play, I don´t know… 150 times a year, so… you have to level the band, IN ELEMENT at that same level… that is not even a matter of rehearsals, which, if it helps, is having experience of being on tour. From the artistic side, I haven´t listened to Septic Flesh much, I´m more interested in the drummer and his technical level than in the band itself. In Flames, I hope they play my favorite song “Ordinary Story”

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Press: Gaby Sisti

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