Jeff Scott Soto and Jelusick in concert Argentina

Jeff Scott Soto celebrates 40 years on vocals alongside Jelusick at Arena Sur, Apr 30

At 19 pm, doors were opened, the night was ready to begin. A night that reunited some of the best singers you could ever imagine.The first show was NORBERTO RODRIGUEZ and his band “Bronsong”, a local singer who did the vocals on the well known record “Walter Giardino’s Temple” (from Rata Blanca’s Walter Giardiano late project), and gave us a show celebrating its 25th anniversary.

So the people got to hear some classic tunes from early!The second show started at 20.15 pm. We’re talking about “Jelusick”, the band from one of the best singers in the last years, Dino Jelusick, and his incredible and talented musicians that made an outstanding performance. The set started with “Reign of Vultures”, “Acid Rain” and “Back On My Feet”. Dino was very overwhelmed about the crowd’s “olé olé Dino Dino”. I guess he never expected something like that. The chorus for “Healer” was sung very loud by the crowd, followed by “The Great Divide”, which ended with a snipet of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as a joke.They had a new song, said Dino, and “Groove Central” started to rock the place. “What I Want”, “Tower of Lies (I Walk Alone)” made people jump more than evee before, along with that sick guitar riffs.In Dino’s words, the next song was  a “mix of “Nevermore, Queensryche and Alice in Chains”. So that was when “Animal Inside” appeared on the setlist.It all came to its end with their last song: “Fly High Again”. Just good things to say about Jelusick performance, every musician on stage gave his 110%.

It was time for the spicy meal. Jeff Scott Soto, who was celebrating 40 years of musical carreer, and planned to fill the setlist with medleys from each band and project of his entire life in music.At 21.35 pm, he hitted the stage holding his light-colour-changing microphone stand, which made him have a bad time struggling with it on the first 3 songs of the night. But, sooner than later, the problem was solved and all turned out better than expected.The first song was “Now Your Ships Are Burned”, a classic Yngwie Malmsteen’s song from the Soto era. Then the medleys arrived to gave us all non-stop mix of Soto’s history on vocals. Axel Rudi Pell’s songs mixed in a 10 minutes medley, followed by the same thing but now with Soto’s solo carreer medley and then W.E.T.Yngwie’s medley were, obviously one of the top moments of heat in the crowd, with that all-time classic “I’ll See the Light Tonight” in it. The guitar player did an amazing job getting to learn all the different styles from a lot of unique guitar players. He didn’t missed a single note! After that, Jeff gave us a very Metal version of “Stone Cold Crazy” by Queen. And later, gave us chills with an extraordinary vocal solo. In which he had a delay pedal for his voice and could armonize his own voice. And, if we’re talking about chills, what about the “Love of My Life” cover? I actually saw people crying on the front row. It was so emotional. It was followed by “Alive” by Sons of Apollo. All his past and present musical projects found a way on that stage!

A Talisman’s medley is what came after, and then the famous 2 minutes break to make people ask for more and return to do an encore. Which was filled by “Stand Up and Shout”, the heavy track for “Rock Star” film and a funky medley where we got to hear a lot of classic random songs (from “I Love Rock and Roll” to “Stayin’ Alive”; from “We Will Rock You” to a country or hip hop song). The excuse was this: “now I want to share with you a lot a music that I discovered in my entire life and mad, and still makes, the musician in me”We absolute will toast for another 40 years of good music, Jeff. Thanks for sharing all your stuff, and more, in this special tour!

Review by Agustin Lopez

Photos by Leticia Villalba

Produced by From Hell Fest Argentina

Publicist C+G Prensa Y Comunicacion

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