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Mi Ultima Solución, the most representative band of the national metalcore scene currently presents its third studio album “Reflejos de uno mismo”. Driven by the desire to create new music and explore new musical facets, the band entered the studio after nine years to shape their new album, which consists of 9 tracks, in which they managed to reach the purest and most direct state of the band. , transmitting deep emotions and messages through its lyrics, thus managing to immortalize the choruses in the unconscious of its listeners.

Throughout the album their musical fusion navigates between metal, hardcore, and punk, thus revolutionizing the structure and traditional conception of metalcore.

“Reflejos de Uno Mismo” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Javier Casas at Infire Studio, where the vocals were also recorded. The drum and bass tracks were recorded by Nicola Carrara and Matías “Catu” Suarez at Camaronbrujo Música, while the guitar production and recording were handled by Manu Rivarola. The album’s art was created by Mark Rechax.

Today we have the pleasure of Interviewing Sebastian Vázquez (Singer), to talk about the history of the band, the new album, and what will be the presentation of “Reflejos de Unos Mismo” in Vorterix next June 8 and more!!!

SUNRAY: Hi guys, how are you? We would like to start the interview, by learning more about “Mi Ultima Solución”; the beginnings of the band, because they called it “Mi Ultima Solución” and of course, whatever they want to tell us about the band.

MUS: Hey! We’re doing great, thankfully! The band started in 2011 as a need to express ourselves and also to represent the genre from a perspective that wasn’t as explored here. While the Argentine post-hardcore scene already had its first exponents, we saw that nobody had both facets as marked as we liked. On one side, there was the pop punk/easycore scene, and on the other, the metalcore scene. We believe that is our strength and strongest banner: we can go from super metalcore songs with screams and breakdowns to super happy pop punk tunes filled with catchy choruses. A Rosario-based media labeled us as “POP HARDCORE” last year, and we think that’s what represents us the most. As for the band’s name, it’s a funny story. Both guitarists chose that name by combining random words and because they liked how it sounded. When we recorded “En cada caída,” our first album, we gave meaning to the name with the song called M.U.S., which still represents us today. Throughout various parts of the song, you can hear Taiel (guitarist/screamer) and Seba (singer) shouting “Mi última solución no será escapar” (“scaping won’t be my last solution”), and it’s kinda the message we’ve been giving for 12 years now: you’ve got to face your problems. That’s the only way to change things.

SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

MUS: Our influences are very diverse: A Day To Remember, Alexisonfire, Bring Me The Horizon, Beartooth, Enter Shikari, Parkway Drive, Refused, Nueva Ética, blink-182, and Panic! at the Disco, among others.

SUNRAY: With which band (National or International) would you like to collaborate? and why?

MUS: We believe the most epic international collaboration for us, and for our audience, would be with A Day To Remember because of the similarity we have in the genre variations within our songs. A collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon would also be incredible. Thinking local, it would be beautiful to collaborate with Marcelo “Corvata” Corvalán, since we grew up listening to his music, and we consider him one of the most influential voices in the metal scene.

SUNRAY: How does your creative process work – do all members contribute equally or is there one main songwriter?

MUS: The creative process always goes like this: Taiel (guitarist and screamer) composes the musical structures of the songs and shows us those demos. Then, each band member makes their contribution to finish shaping the songs. Lucho composes the guitar arrangements, Axel the bass lines, Nico the drums, and Seba writes the lyrics. We always consider the figure of the producer necessary because one often falls in love with you own work. The participation of an external and critical person whom we trust is essential to polish the details. In this album, we worked with 2 producers: Manuel Rivarola, who composed all the demos with Taiel, and Javier Casas, with whom we specifically worked on the vocal melodies. Javi produced, mixed, and mastered our 3 albums.

SUNRAY: Talking about new music, you have recently released your third Studio Album, “Reflejos de uno mismo” What can you tell us about it?

MUS:  It was a beautiful experience to make music again after 9 years, and it was also a challenge. You feel a bit “rusty” after so much time, but going back to the studio and composing is like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. We believe this album is like a rebirth because we’re in another moment of our lives; time has brought maturity both in age and musically speaking, and we wanted that to be reflected in the album. The compositional process of the album began in early 2022 with the production of Manuel Rivarola together with our guitarist and composer Taiel Pomes Figueroa; they composed the new songs with some old tunes we had been experimenting with since 2018. With all of these songs, we went to Javier Casas (Infire Studio) to finish producing the album. The curious thing that happened with “Reflejos De Uno Mismo” is that halfway through the creative process, we made a sharp turn and scrapped many songs to create new ones. 

SUNRAY: What is the most representative song of the band on this new album?

MUS: Since we have two genres so marked in our songs, it’s impossible to choose just one. So the songs would be “Incendio” and “Vértigo.” In these, you see the most current picture of what MUS is and where we feel most represented.

SUNRAY: What is your favorite song to perform?

MUS: Without a doubt it’s “Miedos” (“Fears”). Not only we love playing it, but every time the starting riff of the song starts playing, the venues go wild. Our fans feel very identified with that song and they bring the place down while singing it.

SUNRAY: “Reflejos de uno mismo” will be officially presented on June 8 at the Teatro Vorterix how are you preparing for that long-awaited evening? Can you tell us something about what we can enjoy that night?

MUS: We can’t give away too much info so not to spoil the surprise, but we can tell you that you’ll find a show at ANOTHER LEVEL. From the light design to the set’s lenght: we’re going to play 27 songs. We’re going to give you near two hours of a show like you’ve never seen before in the scene. We’ll also have several very talented guests who will join us that day to sing versions of our songs with some extra ingredients. The show is very dynamic and immersive. Traveling through many sensations: euphoric ecstasy, tears and, as always, an absolute party to give you a night you will never forget.

SUNRAY: What plans does the band have after the official presentation of the album?

MUS: After the Vorterix gig, we’re going to take a break from live shows since we won’t all be living in Argentina. However, we have two projects in mind that will hopefully see the light soon. One is an acoustic covers album that will be released in early 2025. And we might already be composing new songs for our next studio album.

We wish you good luck with this new album, and we’ll see you next June 8th at the Teatro Vorterix

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