SUNRAY is a magazine based In Buenos Aires Argentina, USA (NYC, California, Houston, and Arizona) London England, Milan Italy, Madrid Spain, dedicated to Rock Music, (Concerts cover, Interviews, News) Fashion Industry, Film, and more.

So readers it`s SUNRAY MAGAZINE and we will do everything for you all to enjoy and have fun here! Thanks for the following and support to us! Here we go! the adventure has just begun!


 Editor In Chief – MARIA FERNANDA CAPICI, Buenos Aires Argentina

Music & Fashion Photographer- Creative Director CRIOS, New York 

Writer- Nicholas Di Cristo New York 

Photographer- Sergio Mattioli, London

Rock Photographer- Carli NoLimits, Buenos Aires Argentina

Rockstars Photographer, Writer- Arizona Sheri Jankowski

Rockstars Photographer, Writer- Houston Texas Krystie Lee

Photographer- Jim Blankemeier, California

Photographer- Eduardo Costantini, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rock Photographer- Lucia Cirillo, Milan Italy