Traveling with “The Night Flight Orchestra”

The plane was flying all over Latin America and the last landing of the Swedish bands was on Argentine soil, for the first time the band arrived in this part of the world. Last Sunday April 28th “The Night Flight Orchestra”a the Teatrito

National bands like Karkaman and Bangkok had the opening, which already made people dance a little for the main show. 

The band led by Björn came out with a cape and your two co-pilots raised their glasses so that the musical journey begins and so people vibrate with the quality of Hard Rock that the band gives. 

The first song with which they opened the show was “Midnight Flyer”, the band looked very happy and everyone was dancing to the rhythm of the people. Before playing “The Last of the Independent Romantics” Björn said a few words of gratitude to the audience for their affection towards him and the band for their first visit. 

At the last song, Björn asked the audience to dance conga style, lining up one behind the other in circles and that’s how “West Ruth Ave” began to play, thus giving the last sounds on stage for “The Night Flight Orchestra” to return to take off and continue with the tour that took him to the other part of the world, leaving a beautiful memory for his fans.


Midnight Flyer, Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough, Divinyls,Burn for Me, The Sensation, Gemini, Something Mysterious, Satellite, Paralyzed, White Jeans, The Last of the Independent Romantics, Living for the Nighttime, Stiletto and West Ruth Ave.

Photos and Review by Pablo Reinante

Produced by Icarus Music

Press Marcela Scorca

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