DEATHSTARS In Concert, Argentina

Last Sunday, October 15, Arena Sur was host to a crazy rock night! After 13 years of the last visit to the country, the industrial gothic metal band, DEATHSTARS returned to Argentina with “EVERYTHING DESTROYS LATIN AMERICA TOUR 2023”, to present their current album “Everything Destroys You”

Opening the night 3 wonderful Argentinian bands Lid, Miseres and Inazulina, Something to highlight that surprised me about the band Inazulina was, the different styles of each member of the band, and how wonderful they complement together! They sound very good, I recommend them.

DEATHSTARS took the stage at 22:20, with the song Night Electric Night, at the start with some sound problems, which were quickly resolved.

Continuing with Between Volumes and Voids, from their album Everything Destroys You.

One of the most memorable moments of the show was the band’s interaction with the audience. Eric Backman, the guitarist, was funny and sensual. Andreas Bergh, the vocalist stood out for his incredible voice and connection with the public.

All songs were shouted, sung, and applauded by the fans.


Night Electric Night, Between Volumes and Voids, All the Devil’s Toys, Ghost Reviver, Midnight Party, Tongues, The Greatest Fight on Earth, Death Dies Hard, This Is, New Dead Nation, Fire Galore, Metal, Synthetic Generation (Preceded by an improvised jam… more ) Everything Destroys You, Blood Stains Blondes, Chertograd, Blitzkrieg, Cyanide.

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Carli NoLimits

Produced by From Hell Fest Argentina

Publicist Gaby Sisti

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