Bush in Concert August 14 New York

Bush with Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin on tour, Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater (8/14/2022)

Bush hit the stage next and opened their set with the title track from a recent album, “The Kingdom.” Listening to this band is full nostalgia, and they sound as tight and professional as ever. I admit the most exciting part of their set, frontman Gavin Rossdale flying past me and my photographer.
Proceeding to run through the aisles of the venue and up flights of stairs. Only to perform most of Flowers on a Grave from a VIP box; not sounding winded at all. I hate to gloss over the technology that was responsible for the act. Per Rossdale, a new Bush full-length studio effort is slated for release later this year.

Review by Nicholas Di Cristo

Photos by CRIOS

Editor in Chief Maria Fernanda Capici

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