Alesana Rocked Buenos Aires

They returned after 15 years of a long wait, “Alesana”, a post-hardcore band that marked adolescence for several young people and continues to do so to this day. 

Last April 25th, the visit this time was at “Uniclub”, a place that filled up quickly. 

The Argentine bands “idenia” and “caso2” opened the night.


The expected moment arrived, the curtain opened and all the members of the band came out, opening their show with “Ambrosia”, there were some problems with Shawn‘s microphone, which looked very angry, while Dennis bothered him to make everything calmer. 

The band was reviewing their entire discography and making people participate in each song, such as going up on stage or singing face to face with the fans, both those in front and behind, and the sides of the stage that were divided by a fence. Jake grabbed a girl’s cell phone and recorded from above the stage, Dennis for his part a gopro of the audience doing the same, leaving a memory for those fans that will be unmatched. 

Closing their show with an emblematic song of the band that is “Apology” which showed that post-hardcore is not dead and that this will not be their last visit to Argentine soil. 


Ambrosia,Beautiful in Blue A Lunatic’s Lament,The Murderer,Hand in Hand With the Damned,Red and Dying Evening,Seduction,This Conversation Is Over,The Thespian,A Lunatic’s Lament,Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen,Circle VII: Sin Of The Lion, Lullaby Of The Crucified, Annabel, Curse Of The Virgin Canvas,I Hate you and Apology.

Photos and Review by Pablo Reinante

Produced by California Sun Producciones – Hellnoise Booking

Press HP Prensa

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