One of the most expected rock festivals this 2024, “Icarus Music Fest” with a great Line Up!

Last April 23th Groove was host of a wonderful event. Opening the night with the local band “In Element” After a tour of Europe and Latin America, we had the pleasure to enjoy a dynamic and attractive show, Charlie Oceanswith the mask that characterize the band, a moment to remember from this show was when they did the cover of Phil Collins, “In The Air Tonight”, with an incredible set of guitars.


Traitor’s Slayer, I Will Break Your Neck, Dark Haze, Until Our Last Breath, In The Air Tonight, Fear is the Virus

The international moment arrived, The German Medieval metal band IN EXTREMO, rock rhythms and medieval folk music based on bagpipes, and hurdy-hurdies, Each musician had their “solo” moment to expose their skills with their instrument. 

Das Letze Einhorn (singer) looked very happy with the fans so excited with the show, a band that is a pleasure to see, not only because of how good they sound but also because of the number of musicians and how well they complement each other.


Troja, Feuertaufe, Vollmond, Küss mich, Unsichtbar, Weckt die Toten, Liam, Sängerkrieg, En Esta Noche, Frei zu sein, Störtebeker, Spielmannsfluch, Pikse Palve

Continuing the Finnish heavy metal band BATTLE BEAST, with an impressive starting the evening with “Circus of Doom”, a song from their recent album released in 2022, Noora Louhimo dazzles us with her warrior queen outfit, driving the fans crazy, who couldn’t stop chanting Ole Ole Ole Noora! The party picks up even more speed with ‘No More Hollywood Endings’ (released in 2017). With their infectious energy and catchy choruses, They’re a phenomenon!


Circus of Doom, Straight to the Heart, Familiar Hell, No More Hollywood Endings, Eye of the Storm, Where Angels Fear to Fly, Bastard Son of Odin, Wings of Light, Eden, Master of Illusion, King for a Day, Beyond the Burning Skies

To close this unforgettable night, the Finnish band AMORPHIS, took the stage starting with “Northwards” a song from their recent album released in 2022, HALO, The euphoria in the audience grew minute by minute, showing their love for the band chanting Amorphis, Amorphis!!! with great fervor, Tomy Joutsen with his powerful and captivating voice, the band with a very clean and perfect sound, with a very complete setlist, despite being a festival, closing the night with The Bee, a song from her album Queen of Time, released in 2018. 


Northwards, On the Dark Waters, The Smoke, Sky Is Mine, The Moon, Thousand Lakes(intro), The Castaway, The Four Wise Ones, Silver Bride, The Wolf, Wrong Direction, Black Winter Day, My Kantele, House of Sleep


The Bee

The festival was incredible, a very good choice of Line Up, the place according to the number of people and style of the show, compliance with the schedules, and a great organization in general, we can’t wait for the next Icarus Music Festival!

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Damian Muñoz

Produced by Icarus Music

Press Marcela Scorca

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