ASKING ALEXANDRIA, The long-awaited return

After 9 years since their last visit to our country, one of the most recognized and acclaimed British Core Metal bands of recent years returned. Last Thursday, February 29, El Teatro Flores vibrated with pure metal!

To start an unforgettable night, two Argentine post-hardcore bands IN YOUR HANDS and RESONAR opened the evening, (with a delay of a few minutes and with some sound problems) the bands have demonstrated their professionalism and have left us very satisfied with their performance!

And the wait is over! Around 9:50 p.m., (after an audience cheering for their presence on stage) with the lights off and the first chords of “Closure” resonating, out comes James Cassells (drummer) Sam Bettley (bassist) Cameron Liddell (today’s first guitar, after the departure, “we want to believe temporary”, of the founding leader of the Band Ben Bruce), Paul Bartolome (who accompanies the band during the tours as a second guitar) and finally “he” Danny Worsnop enters with an audience going crazy. cries of joy and excitement.

Unfortunately at the beginning, the sound was not perfect, but it improved quickly giving us the best of them!

Came the moment of “Alone Again” (Song from the fifth studio album, released in December 2017) continuing with “Bad Blood” (song from their recent album “Where Did It Go” released last August 2023) One of The most exciting moments (at least for me as a follower of the band since their beginnings there in 2010) was when the explosive song “Into the Fire” began, it blew everyone’s mind, we couldn’t stop jumping, singing effusively, sweating like crazy, happy to be enjoying that wonderful song live, the energy of the audience grew minute by minute.

The audience interaction with the band was very nice, with Sam (the sweetest member of AA, showing his constant affection to his fans) and Danny encouraging the audience to do the mosh pit.

In the second part of the show, we had the privilege of enjoying Danny doing an acoustic version of “Someone, Somewhere”, with the fans chanting it in full fervor.

The wonderful song “Moving On” begins to play in an acoustic format, and the band immediately returns to the stage to give it their all!

Going through songs like “To The Stage”, “A Prophecy”, and Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)” the heaviest and most old school of the band, with the fans chanting “Oh My God” with pure energy.

The night was a journey through the emotions and music that define metalcore. Of course, the show was too short, only 60 minutes long, leaving those present wanting more. Now, let’s hope that it doesn’t take another almost ten years for them to return.


Closure, Alone Again, Bad Blood, Down to Hell, Into the Fire, Where Did It Go?, Dark Void, The Violence, Someone, Somewhere (Acoustic), Moving On, To the Stage, A Prophecy, The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)


Alone in a Room

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Ale Reggiani (courtesy Revista El Bondi)

Produced by Hellnois Booking, California Sun.
Publicist Juan Manuel HP Prensa

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