Rhapsody of Fire, Interview with Alex Staropoli

𝐑𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐞 is an Italian symphonic power metal band formed in 2011 by Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing to Alex Staropoli, (keyboard player and composer) before their visit to Latin America, talking about the beginnings of the band, new álbum, and latin America Tour…

SUNRAY: Hi Alex, how are you doing?

Alex: Hello Maria Fernanda! Very well, thank you!

SUNRAY: Rhapsody of Fire is an Italian band (my parents were Italian both, so it is so nice
this interview with you) . Can you talk to us about the beginnings?

Alex: Nice to hear that!

There are two beginnings: The first includes the preparation of the music foundations and the hard work that Turilli and myself did from the beginning of the 90’s till 2011. Of course nobody believed we would accomplish anything.. an Italian band playing heavy metal that aim to conquer the world? Absolutely ridiculous and impossible!.. but not for us. We really had in mind our path and musical career and since there was not a road to follow, we created and paved our own road to success. In reality all we wanted was to have our music distributed and appreciated worldwide, I personally never cared about being famous and such. The second beginning started more than 10 years ago with the creation of the actual incredible line-up, including the guitar player Roby De Micheli and singer Giacomo Voli.

SUNRAY: How do you see the heavy metal scene and hard rock scene in Italy today?

Alex: I live in UK since many years and I have barely contact with any musician from Italy. There are a lot of talented musicians and Good bands, that is sure!

SUNRAY: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Alex: The drastic reduction of Physical CD’s sales is something really bad.. but it’s a consequence of the times we live right now, where the consumption of music have a different approach. Luckily bands like us still have amazing fans that appreciate the work we do.

SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

Alex: Movies, nature, soundtracks, classical music

SUNRAY: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Alex: I have so much on my plate, I have never give it a thought. I’m pretty happy the way I am really.

SUNRAY: Your new album “Challenge The Wind” will be coming out on May 31, 2024 via AFM Records, What inspired you to record this album? And What can fans expect from your new album?

Alex: To create a “ROF” album it’s not only matter of inspiration but also a lot of work. Normally I like to start reviewing all the riffs and guitar parts Roby is creating, from there I start to develop more parts and songs by myself. You see, I want to have as much guitar work as possible, to ensure a Good amount of energy and heavy metal. The rest follows in a natural way, all the choruses, the anthems and the orchestrations. This new album features many fast songs and there is no intro and no ballad to start with. Different approach this time!

SUNRAY: Please talk to us about the New single “A Brave New Hope”

Alex: I love the song, it’s one of the songs that when you put it on and you are driving your car you tend to push on the gas. Maybe it’s the more catchy song of the album.

SUNRAY: You are coming to Argentina with “Glory for the Enchanted Lands Latin America Tour 2024, next May 11 at the Teatrito, So, I won´t spoil too much, but, What can you tell us about the next concerts?

Alex: It’s been 12 years Rhapsody Of Fire played in Argentina the last time, definetely a too long time!

We are truly looking forward to be back and meet our fans! We prepared a very cool set list, including of course the most famous songs from our past and songs from recent years as well, a very combustible mix! Looking forward to it!

SUNRAY: Thank you so much for this interview! We’ll cover your concert next May 11 In Argentina!!!

We can’t wait to see you in action!! All the best!

Alex: Looking forward!!!!!

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photo by Massimo Battista

Special thanks Mona Miluski, All Noir PR, Booking, Management

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