“Titanes del Metal” Exciter, BAT, Malevolent Creation and Morta Skuld at Arena Sur, Apr 1.

Last 1st april, we attended at Arena Sur, in Buenos Aires, for a dose of all kind of Metal. It was an incredible night and the sound was so heavy and loud that you almost couldn’t talk to the one beside you. So you gotta be more than focused on the band onstage.It all begun with 3 well-known local bands, Dark Warrior, which was chosen to be the first, doing an aggressive Thrash Metal, then followed by two Death Metal bands: Buena Muerte and Dislepsia, where things started to sound more darkened as the night opened its way later in the afternoon.The first international band to hit the stage was Morta Skuld, a Death Metal band from the 90’s who gave us all a true lesson in violence. Their sound was extremely loud and the music was filled with blastbeats, extremely fast double bass and tremolo picking riffs. “Perfect Prey”, “Dying Remains”, “Hatred Creation” and “We Rise, We Fall” were tunes that made all the people start to headbang. And it really helped warming the crowd for the next bands in the gig.

Malevolent Creation was next, a total legend among classic Death Metal. They were one of the biggest names on the flyer, a lot of people were looking forward to watch them play.So the band started their killer set with a brutal sound. Including songs like “Monster”, “Premature Burial”, “Alliance or War” and “Infernal Desire”. With a number of other nasty classics in between. Mosh pits made their appearance as the band demanded.

Next band was BAT, a Hardcore Punk/Crossover Thrash trio band starring member from Municipal waste, such as Ryan Waste and Nick Poulos. And they gave us a perfect example of a Hardcore show: short songs with abrup ends, fast guitar riffs, etc. It was actually a real sweaty show, and it was perfectly balanced to fit with the other Death Metal bands without losing intensity. The songs on the setlist that hitted the most on the crowd, in my opinion, were “Wild Fever”, “Bloodhounds”, “Rule of the Beast” and “Total Wreckage”. But, in general lines, all their songs were amazing as hell.

The time has come for the legends to take over the stage. And, yes, we’re talking about Exciter, that band that’s still kicking ass hardly after more than 45 years on the road. Pioneers of a style of Metal that never gets old: Speed Metal; one of the biggest influences for Thrash Metal to exist.The setlist was full of classic songs such as “Heavy Metal Maniac”, “Stand Up and Fight”, “Pounding Metal”, “Long Live the Loud”, and even a cover for Motörhead’s “Iron Fist” at the end of their set. Cheers everywhere, mosh pits, people going crazy, a band onstage giving a 110%.

It’s amazing how this gig reunited bands from every decade of Metal, as it were meant to show the evolve of the genre. There were 70’s (Exciter), 80’s (Malevolent Creation), 90’s (Morta Skuld), 00’s (BAT). Each musician gave the people a night to remember. Full of violence. It couldn’t be another way.

Photos by Eliana Fernandez

Review by Agustín López

Produced by From Hell Fest Argentina

Publicist C+G Prensa Y Comunicacion

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