Then of 40 years, SEPULTURA Say Good Bye

After 40 years of rocking the world Brazilian heavy metal band formed in Belo Horizonte in 1984, SEPULTURA decided to say goodbye to the stage, on a tour of more than a year, around the world, They embarked with the American thrash metal band Death Angel to visit Argentina, last April 21 at the Teatro Flores.

Opening the unforgettable evening the Argentine band “Reinará la Tempestad” band formed by the former members of Horcas, is visible by the name of the band, which was the debut album of the band, Going through classic Horcas tracks, and new songs. 

Now the American band Death Angel took the stage! After 14 years of not visiting the country, They returned more on fire than ever! Starting with “Lord of Hate” the energy this band has on stage, they transmit it incredibly to the audience, the mosh pit going crazy!

Mark Osegueda was very happy to thank the euphoria of the Argentine public, It was honestly a show that I enjoyed minute by minute.


Lord of Hate, Voracious Souls, Seemingly Endless Time, Buried Alive, I Came for Blood, The Dream Calls for Blood, The Moth, Humanicide, The Ultra-Violence / Mistress of Pain, Thrown to the Wolves

And the wait is over! The theater lights go out and the fans’ excitement grows, Sepultura enters the scene to give it their all! Opening the night with “Refuse/Resist” (a song from the album “Chaos A.D” released in 1994).

Sepultura are perhaps best known for their inclusion of tribal drumming into songs and by that measure, the inclusion of Kairos in tonight’s setlist does not disappoint, The mosh pit became more and more intense as the night went by.

Andreas Kisser (a member since the beginning of the band) seems to effortlessly switch between ripping through dizzying leads and his rhythm guitar playing. He took a moment to say in Spanish how happy he was to visit Argentina, after 40 years of the band and introduced the wonderful the new drummer, the young American, just 21 years old, Greyson Nekrutman.

The strength and power that Derrick brings as a frontman – his vocal style is brutal and a worthy pairing with the music behind him. And Paul JR on bass made us feel the band’s power!

The epic moment of the night was when Sepultura invited Death Angel to play the drums in the best Brazilian style.

Closing the evening with their hymns “Ratamahatta, Roots Bloody Roots” Sepultura has made it clear why they are the best-known band from Brazil in the world! 40 years of perfection, success, and professionalism, support them.


Refuse/Resist, Territory, Kairos, Dusted, Attitude, Means to an End, Guardians of Earth, Mind War, False, Choke, Escape to the Void, Kaiowas (with Death Angel), Biotech Is Godzilla, Agony of Defeat, Troops of Doom, Inner Self, Arise


Ratamahatta, Roots Bloody Roots

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Ale Reggiani

Produced by Icarus Music

Press Marcela Scorca

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