“Melvins” Interview with Legendary Band

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the big honor to interview the Legendary Rock band “Melvins”
The Grunge pioneers inspired Nirvana, Soundgarden, Tool, and other. Was formed in 1983, in Montesano, Washington, by the vocalist and Guitarist Buzz Osborne, Since then, have been touring constantly and recording. They never stop”. Next year they`ll celebrate 40 years of their career and the grunge gender!
The Huge Melvins today take their time to give us this fantastic interview!

SUNRAY: Who were your early Biggest Influences?
Steven McDonald: The Beatles, The Monkees’, KISS, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, just to name a few.
Dale Crover: The usual suspects. I was fed as much Beatles and Stones at birth as i was given mother’s milk. So influence might be an understatement. Bowie was a childhood hero, as was Elton, Suzi Quatro, Lou Reed, and Led Zeppelin. Kiss feb ’76 was my first concert. It permanently warped/scultped my brain for better or worse. You decide. … the warping/sculpting continued with other 70’s hard rock giants like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Rainbow etc. Then the Runaways and Ramones introduced the world of underground rock and punk to me and my brother. We followed that path to more local treasures like the Bags, the Weirdos, the Germs, X and Black Flag. We started a band soon after, and here i am.

SUNRAY: What Does Your Band Name Mean?
Steven McDonald: I joined the Melvins in 2016. I believe there was a person in Aberdeen named Melvin, but you’ll have to get the whole story from Buzz and Dale.
Dale Crover: It’s just a surname, really. There is a real Melvin. For whatever reason it can be used to describe someone who is a nerd. Perfect for a band name! Also, the band was influenced by the Ramones and thought that the name was similar.

SUNRAY: Describe your creative process when you write new music.
Steven McDonald: Buzz does most (if not all) the writing. I do my best to keep up. He encourages me to be radically myself.

SUNRAY: Talking about new music, please can you tell us about “Bad Mood Rising”?
Steven McDonald: The record started out as a demo session in Arizona. I massaged these songs out of Buzz and captured them on my Apple Airbook. We brought it back to Los Angeles, where we rerecorded everything, and Dale laid down his thunderous pagan skins. It’s my favorite Melvins record I’ve been involved in.
Dale Crover: It’s the feel bad miss of the Winter. A real Debbie Downer. It’s brutal heavy metal with some pop sensations

SUNRAY: Being the Grunge pioneers, everybody knows that Nirvana was inspired by your music, we would like to know about your relationship with Kurt Cobain and his band, and how did you feel when Kurt passed away?
Dale Crover: We were once great friends and I was, and still am, super bummed out that he’s not here anymore.

SUNRAY: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Dale Crover: That musicians would get paid what they deserve.
Steven McDonald: Venues should charge the artist a negotiable flat fee to sell mearch, not ask for a percentage of total sales. We don’t get a percentage of their Bar Sales

SUNRAY: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
Dale Crover: Obviously it’s had a huge impact, good and bad. I like that I have access to music and knowledge of bands right at my fingertips. I pay for streaming myself, but bands do not make money from streams. Not like selling record or a CD.
Steven McDonald: It can be easier to get exposure, and it can be harder to get paid for recorded music. But there are many exceptions and trade offs, so it’s really hard to make a judgement either way. I never found it very easy to get paid by indy labels before the internet…so it’s really hard to say, bettor or worse.

SUNRAY: What do you like most about playing music?
Steven McDonald: Performing live to an enthusiastic audience.
Dale Crover: Creating and recording is a big thrill but then so is playing in front of a live audience.

SUNRAY: What’s The Craziest Thing That’s Happened On Tour?
Steven McDonald: Jamming with Gene Simmons of Kiss.
Dale Crover: I think I being in Japan for the big earthquake. It was really quite an experience.

SUNRAY: What is one message you would give to your fans?
Dale Crover: Thanks for being the best fans ever! We really appreciate it!
Steven McDonald: I thank you, I love you and I feel your pain.

SUNRAY: Next year 2023, you’ll celebrate 40 years of the career, how do you feel and are you thinking of something special to celebrate it?
Dale Crover: It’s great! Who would’ve guessed we’d last this long?
We plan on a big tour next year as well as some special releases
Steven McDonald: Many special rock performances all over the world. Can’t wait!!!
Current released “Bad Mood Rising” from Amphetamine Reptile Records available now https://www.shoxop.com/

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photo by Jim Blankemeier
Special thanks to Dan Volohov, Publicist, managing director | Discipline PR

Melvins at Lodge Room, Los Angeles, CA, USA, October 29
The word Legendary comes to mind when thought turns to The Melvins. With a band with over 30 years of history and plenty of singles, there was not enough time to play all their successful tracks.
Was an excited Halloween`s special night, Buzz certainly showing off for the audience. Guitar riffs from famous tracks were flowing into each other with a genius not possessed by many. It was a a journey into the reminiscent.

Sacrifice (Flipper cover), Oven, Lovely Butterfly, It’s Shoved, Anaconda,
Lizzy, Charlie (Redd Kross cover), Euthanasia, Mister Dog Is Totally Right,
Never Say You’re Sorry, Evil New War God, A History of Bad Men,
Hooch, Honey Bucket, The Bit, With Teeth.

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