SOEN Rocked Buenos Aires

Last Friday, April 12 the Swedish progressive rock band SOEN, returned to Argentina, at the Teatro Flores, to perform their highly anticipated new album ‘Memorial’ the band performed their masterpieces of modern Progressive Rock music, including the highly demanded tracks from previous albums.

Opening the evening the the Argentine band SHAMAT, I honestly didn’t know the band and it surprised me. Sounds very good,! I recommend them!

The crowd was very expectant, the lights went out, and the band took the stage, The Latin guy Martin Lopez (drummer and ex-Opeth), Oleksii ‘Zlatoyar’ Kobel (bass), Cody Lee Ford (guitar), Lars Enok Åhlund (keyboard and guitar) and finally Joel Ekelöf (Voice) starting with “Sincere” (single of the new Album Memorial).

Lights and smoke gracefully complemented each composition, in a moment Martin (drummer) took the microphone, to talk in Spanish (because his parents are from Uruguay) and the audience shouted showing him all their love.

Towards the end of their performance, the charismatic frontman seized an Argentinian flag, and the audience exploded!!

Going through their current and old tracks, It is worth highlighting the perfection that this band has.

We can’t wait for their return.


Sincere, Martyrs, Savia, Memorial, Lascivious, Unbreakable, Deceiver, Ideate, Monarch, Jinn, Illusion, Modesty, Lotus, Antagonist, Lunacy, Violence

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Ivy Llad

Produced by NWM Productions

Press Gaby Sisty

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