Interview DOUG ALDRICH from “The Dead Daisies”

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the big pleasure to interview DOUG ALDRICH from “The Dead Daisies”, the Australian-American rock supergroup collectively formed in 2012 in Sydney, Australia by David Lowy. Some of the best Rock musicians on the planet. Hailing from Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Dio & more.

SUNRAY: Please tell us how the idea of forming a collective rock band, with huge musicians.
DA: It’s very similar in the way that Deep Purple was formed as a musical carousel. People could come and go and make music together, and even return sometimes. It’s an interesting idea that everybody comes from a different band and brings their fans along. That way it always keeping it fresh.

SUNRAY: Why The Dead Daisies?
DA: I think that David Lowy and Jon Stevens came up with the name after a doctor’s report claimed that Jon Stevens would be pushing up daisies if he didn’t slow down his health. Pushing up daisies is where The Dead Daisies came from.

SUNRAY: With 6 Studio Albums, What is your creative process like?
DA: We usually start with an idea that somebody might have and we try to all embellish it together other times it’ll be a piece of music that I’ll turn in to Glenn or John or I’ll work with it with David. Once we have a basic idea of the song we get in the studio and play it and work on the arrangement, work on changes in its edits and then we go ahead and start trying to record it immediately.

SUNRAY: Last December 6, we covered an amazing rock night at the O2 Forum Kentish Town, in London, UK, How’s The Tour Going?
DA: It’s been incredible year. We’ve had some of the best shows ever in Europe, supporting Judas Priest and Foreigner, the US and now being in the UK headlining it’s just been amazing..

SUNRAY: What’s The Craziest Thing That’s Happened On Tour?
DA: During the summer, some of us got Covid and we had to stop for a little while and recover then almost at the end of the tour. Glenn got Covid and we really did not want to cancel the shows so we found some replacements to come in from Croatia, Dino Jelusick on vocals was incredible. He learned the whole show in 24 hours.

SUNRAY: What is the best advice you give to people who are starting in this Music Industry?
DA:  You should have an attorney look at anything before you sign it ever. Try to get offers written so you have clear understanding. You should understand this is a business but you should follow your heart.

SUNRAY: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
DA: Too much to list, but mainly musicians have a difficult time getting paid properly. There needs to be some changes with regard to streaming services.

SUNRAY: What’s Next for The Dead Daisies?
DA: We have time now at home for the holidays. We’ve got some really interesting things going on in the new year after the holidays and you’ll be seeing announcements at some point but right now I’m very excited about it and you’ll have to watch our spaces online to find out!

Interview By Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Luca Viola
Special thanks Cat Swinton from Catalyst PR And Valeria Laghezza from Duff Press

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