In The Woods, Interview before their visit to Argentina

In the Woods is a Norwegian avant-garde metal/progressive black metal band formed in Kristiansand in 1992. by members of the original line-up of GREEN CARNATION whom they are a continuation of Around 1994-1995, IN THE WOODS… were one of the first bands to use the name “Pagan Metal” as a description for their style, although they didn’t use the elements typified by the sub-genre until later on (like traditional instruments).

The band has released a total of five studio albums, three singles, one compilation album, and one live album throughout its initial existence. The band disbanded in 2000 and reformed in 2014.

Before their visit Latin America, Nils O. Drivdal “bass” and Kåre A. Sletteberg “guitars” takes their time to talk with us about the band career and give us a little advance about what we`ll enjoy at their concert here in Argentina next September 9 at the Teatrito Buenos Aires, Argentina, and LATAM.

SUNRAY: Hi guys! How did you meet and decide to make music together?

Kåre: In The Woods… is an old band, and this lineup has sort of just come together over time, people in and people out until now, as we have a very very good bond and strong relations within every part of «being a band».

Nils: In The Woods… has existed since the early 90s, and has been through changes all the way. Our lineup has been put together through Anders Kobro, the original drummer, and some of us have known each other since the 90s, but have not been in the band together before, until now. Making music together is very creative, as we all write music, and play along with ideas.

SUNRAY: What’s the story behind your band’s name?

Kåre: Well, I’m not 100% on this, but the woods being a mystique place, and with what music the demo contains it was pretty on. Also, having the three dots in «In The Woods…» was a smart move. The story continues.

SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

Nils: That would be different if you ask us all, I love Pink Floyd as much as I love Edge of Sanity for example. But influences can be lots of things. For me, it’s also energy. I chase energy when I write music. And I think creativity should also be a big influence. To be creative, not be afraid of writing something super catchy, or super brutal, and put them together in one song.

SUNRAY: During all these years, you released several albums and singles, What is your favorite song to perform?

Kåre:  As a player you of course have a favorite to play, because you know that part is just gonna be epic, but it is really about the crowd we are performing for. If they are enjoying themselves it’s a blast to play every song, but if they are not, it gets harder to give the same work rate.

Nils: For me, I don’t have one, they are so many! But ill choose one old, and one new: the oldie would be “Heart of the Ages”, and the new one would be “We sinful converge”.

SUNRAY: You are coming to Argentina for the first time! with a Latin America tour. So, I won´t spoil too much, but, What can you advance us about the next concerts?

Kåre: Argentina is the last concert on this little run, so hopefully you will see a band that’s tight and really into what it means to travel the world together.

Nils- We are so fucking stoked about coming to lovely Latin America, with all the lovely people, culture, food, etc! What I can say is that we are hungry for playing shows after the covid situation…And we have rehearsed more than we ever did before. Our lineup is consistent, and we feel stronger than ever! Also, I have been doing more backup vocals with Bernt, which also makes the band sound bigger I think.

SUNRAY: How’s The Tour Going?

Kåre: It’s going good. I can’t find the bus though. (Sorry, joke)

Nils Tour has not begun, but when it does, it will go great, I’m sure!

SUNRAY: What is one message you would give to your fans?

 Kåre: Can’t wait to see you all from the stage. Bring a good mood and let’s have a party together.

Nils-Thank you so much for being there all these years, and thank you all for letting us develop something new in every record, That’s what we are all about, developing! And we hope you want to develop too! We can’t wait to see every one of you!

SUNRAY: What’s next for In The Woods?

Nils-We want to continue to do what we love-We want to play live as much as we can, and write new music! We have surprises for you in the future!

In The Woods will be performing in Argentina next September 9 at The Teatrito, tickets are on sale

Produced by Icarus Music

Publicist Marcela Scorca

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Runar Haugeland

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