TesseracT In Concert, Argentina

TesseracT in concert last March 28, at the Teatrito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marching into the ‘Teatrito‘, on a warm autumn night, to cover the concert of the English Metal band TesseracT.
After postponing their 2020 tour, for reasons that we all know, the long-awaited band came to Argentina. The band was greeted by noise and screams! TesseracT opened the night with the track ‘Proxy’ and the audience exploded!! The set list that was performed had a real amount of power to it, The contrast between the heavier ambiance and quieter sounds was excellent. The audience non stopped singing, screaming, and Jumping!
The band was exceptional throughout, creating sounds that were as inspiring as they were captivating.

Of Matter – Proxy, Of Matter – Retrospect, Of Matter – Resist, Dystopia, Beneath My Skin, Smile, The Arrow, Concealing Fate, Part 1: Acceptance, Concealing Fate, Part 2: Deception, Concealing Fate, Part 3: The Impossible, Natural Disaster, King, Of Mind – Nocturne, Juno
Concealing Fate, Part 4: Perfection, Concealing Fate, Part 5: Epiphany

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Carli NoLimits
Special Thanks Juan Manuel HP Prensa, Hellnois Booking, and California Sun.

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