Heavy Noise Festival, Argentina

Last Friday, December 15, Uniclub was host to a fantastic Metal Show, The Heavy Noise Festival with the local bands “Deadwhore” (opening the evening) continuing with Cernunnos, is the second time I have seen the band in concert, It is a very complete band, with wonderful musicians, very exclusive and original outfits, Pablo Schivo’s voice leaves us breathless.

Then it was time for the Argentine “Melodic Death Metal” band V.I.D.A, (Víctimas Inocentes De Argentina) formed in 2002, With more than 20 years of career, they showed last Friday, the power in their music.


Mentes enfermas, Acción / Reacción, Almas, Guerrero, No hay opción, Espectadores de la masacre, Instinto.


AGAINST took the stage, the Argentinian heavy metal, formed in 2009, one of the main bands of the new Argentine metal scene. The band was chosen to open one of the concerts of the year, Gojira, Mastodon. The times we have had to witness their show, they have left us very satisfied with their wonderful sound.


La sangre de los nuestros,Alzando mi odio, Marcha del Auca, El libertador, Soy libertad, Contra.


Closing the night, The Death Metal band CRYPTA, from Brazil. The band was founded by bassist-vocalist Fernanda Lira, and drummer Luana Dametto (both former members of thrash metal band Nervosa).

The girls started with unmatched strength, With an incredible setlist, mixing songs from their first album Echoes of the Soul (2021) and the recently released Shades of Sorrow (2023), they made the audience vibrate. Fernanda, with her characteristic gestures that drive fans crazy.

Crypta has demonstrated the great power of girls by making Death Metal to perfection.


The Aftermath, The Other Side of Anger, Poisonous Apathy, Agents of Chaos, Lift the Blindfold, Dark Night of the Soul, Stronghold, The Limbo, Trial of Traitors, Under the Black Wings, Dark Clouds, Lullaby for the Forsaken, The Outsider, Lord of Ruins, From the Ashes.

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Fotos by Alejandro Reggiani

Publicist Gaby Sisti

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