Lörihen Rocking the “Pre Xmas Night”

The hard rock metal Band Lörihen formed in 1996 in Argentina, performed last Saturday, December 23, at the Theater Vorterix, presenting their new Album “La magia del caos”. A night with many surprises.

Starting the evening with the Heavy/Power metal Clasico band “Inneforce”,  I had the opportunity to see them previously, opening for the Canadian band Riot City, a very good band that does not disappoint.

Continuing with The Hard Rock, Metal Neoclásico, and Power Metal “Arpeghy”, a band that has surprised me with how good they sound live, and the incredibly wonderful voice of Mariano Middleton, has left me breathless, excited to see them again.

Now the awaited moment came!! Lörihen took the stage, starting with “Vencedor en la derrota”, from their new album, the beautiful and powerful voice of Lucas Gerardo, with very clean sounds from the hand drums Rodrigo Fiori, with the amazing Emiliano Obregón on guitars, and Christian Abarca on bass, they blew up the audience.

The surprises of the night arrived, before starting the song “Frías islas”, Marcelo Perez Schneider, (former soldier from Malvinas, and bassist of  Presto Vivace), took the stage, At the end of his performance, he said a few words referring to the Malvinas War.

And the surprises continued, the band’s former guitarist “Julián Barrett” (current guitarist of Asspera, also plays with Barilari, Misson, and Tarja Turunen) the audience very happy to see him on stage with his old band.

Something to highlight is the public of all ages, was a very beautiful night!


Vencedor en la derrota (Live debut)Fantasmas del ayer (Live debut),Gritos de libertad, Bajo la cruz, Muro del silencio, Cuando tus brazos caen, Un santo en el infierno, Aún sigo latiendo, El secreto más perverso, Presa fácil, Frías islas, El viaje, Cadenas de la perversión (with Julian Barrett), Libre como el viento (with Julian Barrett), El último eclipse (with Julian Barrett), Vida eterna (with Julian Barrett)

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Ivy Llad (Ivana Llusco Aduviri)

Publicist Gaby Sisti

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