Sarah Orloff Present “BE MINE” New Single

The Lady Rock ‘Sarah Orloff’ is releasing the new single “BE MINE” this February 14 for Valentine’s Day. The singer, songwriter, and bass Player from New York, today takes her time to talk to us about her new solo single.

SUNRAY: What Inspired you to create your new single “BE MINE”?

Orloff: I was actually inspired on a first date with someone who I felt an electric connection with. The story began from that with some twists and turns along the way

SUNRAY: Please describe your creative process when you write new music.

Orloff: It usually starts with something inspiring me and that inspiration is the basis for the story I create. A lot of times I create a bass line on my bass guitar and sing a vocal melody over it that I put lyrics to. Or it starts with a vocal melody/lyric/chorus idea and I build everything around that. When I record the song I’ve been creating the beat, bass line and synth leads all electronically through Logic. Then I perform/track my vocals.

SUNRAY: What sounds and instruments are featured in the song?

Orloff: I created a beat, bass line and synths/electronic elements via Logic and tracked my vocals over it.

SUNRAY: Why did you choose “Valentine`s Day” to release the single?

Orloff: I chose Valentine’s Day because the name of the song is ‘BE MINE’ which reminds me of the popular V-Day candy hearts. I actually have a candy heart tattoo on my arm but it says Kiss My Ass….lol

SUNRAY: What’s next for you?

Orloff: As a solo artist I’m going to continue creating and releasing music as the inspiration hits me!

You can check out Sarah’s new single ‘BE MINE’ on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and all major music platforms as of February 14th. An animated music video will follow.

Photos by Nina Wurtzel

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