“Lord of the Lost” in Concert at the El Teatrito, Buenos Aires Argentina, April 25

Marching into the Teatrito, to cover the first concert in Argentina of the incredible German Rock Band “Lord Of The Lost”.
The Band was formed in 2007 by singer and frontman Chris Harms. They are set to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song “Blood & Glitter”

Pi Stoffers and Klaas Helmecke “Lord Of the Lost”

Opening the night the Argentinian Metal Gotic band “BloodParade” launched into an animated performance. They used the time that they had on stage to their advantage with a full-throttle performance to get the room nice and toasty. A great start and definitely a band to keep on the radar.

Finally, the headliner takes to the stage, “Lord of the Lost”, It is an awe-inspiring performance, truly hypnotic to watch and the crowd is completely swept away, taken in by the sheer brilliance of it all. The outfit of the guys is incredible! Their Energy on stage is unique.

They start the set with the opening track Drag Me to Hell, Chris “The Lord” Harms dazzles us with his powerful voice! The playful antics of Guitarists Pi Stoffers make the show funnier! With Klaas Helmecke on bass with a wonderful performance! The powerful sounds of the drums by Niklas Kahl and the sounds of the keyboard by Gared Dirge (with his sneakers with red lights). it’s clear they are a close-knit band who gel well which makes for a pleasing performance to watch and their joy is infectious.

Chris “The Lord” Harms

The 2 picks stand out moments at the night was when the audience started to sing Ole Ole Ole Lordo Lordo!! and Chris said wait What? ahaha was so fun! Then Chris He got off the stage, and got on the drinks bar next to the fans! They loved those moments.
Was a fantastic concert! We can’t see them again!!

Guitarists “Pi Stoffers”

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Carli NoLimits
Special Thanks Juan Manuel HP Prensa, Hellnois Booking, California Sun.

Drag Me to Hell, Leave Your Hate in the Comments, Morgana, Born With a Broken Heart, The Future of a Past Life, Reset the Preset, Prison, Dry the Rain, Break Your Heart, Children of the Damned (Iron Maiden cover), The Gospel of Judas, Under the Sun, Full Metal Whore, Loreley, Die Tomorrow, Blood & Glitter, One Last Song, Blood for Blood, La bomba, The Look (Roxette cover)

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