GHØSTKID Interview

GHØSTKID is an alternative metal band from Germany formed in 2020. With 2 albums studio (self-titled GHØSTKID in 2020, and “HOLLYWOOD SUICIDE” March 22nd, 2024) In a few days will be performing on a UK tour supporting Blind Channel.

SUNRAY: Hi Guys! What Does Your Band Name Mean? And why did you call it GHØSTKID?

GHØSTKID: There‘s no real meaning behind the name. It just resonated with me in a special way for many years. When i started this project. It just felt right 🙂

SUNRAY: How Did You Meet?

GHØSTKID: We are all friends for a very long time and after leaving my old band i wanted to have people in my team, that i know for many years and that totally understand the vision behind Ghøstkid. So i picked my closest friends and asked them, if they want to be a part of this journey.

SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

GHØSTKID: I grew up with a lot of nu metal influences but i‘d say that i‘m probably influenced by everything that let me feel in a special way. Art and life in general, is giving me lots of inspiration, that i try to transform into music. 

SUNRAY: This March 22nd released the new Album “HOLLYWOOD SUICIDE”, via Century Media Records. Please talk to us about it

GHØSTKID: Hollywood Suicide is about the downward spiral of a hollywood diva and it‘s basically a chronological timeline. The title track Hollywood Suicide is about artists lifestyle…that you have to get far beyond your limits just to make it one day. Most of the tracks describing parts of this downward spiral and stuff you have to deal with.

SUNRAY: How was the collaboration with Hollywood Undead?

GHØSTKID: The collaboration was part of the last album  on the Track “This is not Hollywood” with Johnny 3 Tears and i collaborated on their track “idol”. I can‘t remember how we got in touch, but those guys are awesome! Years later we met on a festival for the very first time and they‘re one of the most lovely and humble guys.

SUNRAY: The Single “Heavy Rain” has had very good reviews, Can you tell us what inspired you to create this track?

GHØSTKID: This track is very special to me cause it tells my personal story about dealing with toxic relationships. It was pretty hard to write this track but it helped me a lot to overcome those feelings.

SUNRAY: How are you preparing for the UK tour supporting Blind Channel?

GHØSTKID: We are already on tour in europe before the Uk. So probably enough time to get used to the new tracks and the structure. We haven‘t played for a couple of months but this tour is amazing! 

SUNRAY: What’s next for the band?

GHØSTKID: After the tour i‘m gonna hit up the studio to work on new music. There is a lot of stuff going on right now that gives me inspiration and i can’t wait to turn it into new songs.

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Benjamín Klose

Publicist The Noise Cartel

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