Blind Channel, Interview with Alex Mattson

Blind Channel is a Finnish nu-metal band, formed in 2013 in the city of Oulu, better known to the public as a participant in Eurovision 2021 from Finland.

The band released a new album, Exit Emotions, last March 1st, 2024 via Century Media Records.

Today we have the pleasure to talk with Alex Mattson, (Percussions, producer, and songwriter)

SUNRAY: Hi Alex! What made you want to become a musician? 

Alex: I remember seeing bands playing when i was a kid and immediately fell in love with it. Being a musician has been a dream of mine forever so couldn’t be more happy about being one now! 
SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences? 

Alex: There’s so many it’s hard to pick one. I was a huge Children Of Bodom fan as a teen and that really got me into heavier music. Slipknot was also a big one. 

SUNRAY: Please talk us, about the new album “Exit Emotions” Released last March 1st 

Alex: We recorded the new album while on tour last summer. We’ve written songs in London, Berlin, Helsinki and LA for the album. We collaborated a lot with many amazing songwriters on this one. 

SUNRAY: What are the differences that this album has compared to previous albums? 

Alex: Exit Emotions is definitely the heaviest album we’ve done so far. We got a lot of inspiration from heavier festivals we played last summer. We wanted to have great songs to have moshpits to. Heavier breakdowns and faster songs 

SUNRAY: What is the song you like the most from this new album? 

Alex: It changes all the time, but at the moment maybe XOXO. It was my favourite ever since the first draft version. Feature from From Ashes To New really made the track. 

SUNRAY: Finland is a country well known for having great rock bands, which one is your favorite? 

Alex: Children Of Bodom. I have a lot of respect for all the bands coming out of Finland since we’re a very small country. 

SUNRAY: How are you preparing for this UK tour? 

Alex: I’m really excited!! UK crowd has been so awesome every single time! This is definitely our biggest one so far so really looking forward to bring our show to UK. 

SUNRAY: Have you considered touring Latin America? 

Alex: Yes that’s definitely in talks. Hope to announce something soon.

Photo by Joona Maki

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Publicist: The Noise Cartel

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