Eric Martin “Mr Big`s Voice” In Concert Argentina

Last November 10, Mr Big`s Voice “Eric Martin” rocked Buenos Aires! At the “El Teatrito”.
Though this was a solo tour, I was sure I was going to witness Mr Big tracks being played. Eric provided those in attendance, a solid mixture of Mr Big classics, that spans decades. One could close one’s eyes and most certainly sense the 80’s were spiritually there in attendance. When Martin started playing “Wild World” the nostalgics (including me) did not stop to sing!
It was a great set list and a wonderful night of music.

Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song),(Mr. Big song),
Alive and Kickin’ (Mr. Big song),Temperamental (Mr. Big song), Superfantastic
(Mr. Big song), Gotta Love the Ride (Mr. Big song),Everybody Needs a Little Trouble
(Mr. Big song), Shine (Mr. Big song), The Chain (Mr. Big song), Wild World (Cat Stevens cover), Just Take My Heart (Mr. Big song), Electrified (Mr. Big song),To Be With You
(Mr. Big song), Take Cover (Mr. Big song), Addicted to That Rush (Mr. Big song),
Colorado Bulldog (Mr. Big song).

Band: Ignacio Torres – Guitar – Felipe Cortes – Drums- Guido Barilari – Bass – (He is the son of the lead singer of Rata Blanca, – Adrian Barilari) Ana Flugel – Backing vocals.

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Carli NotLimits
Special Thanks Juan Manuel HP Prensa, Hellnois Booking, California Sun, and Pablo Milosz – Manager

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