A trip through time with “Crazy Lixx”

Last Wednesday, March 13th, The Teatrito was the host of a night that seemed to have put us to the time machine with “McFly” and the “Doc” in Back to the Future.

The Glam Rock band Crazy Lixx, formed in 2002, in Sweden, came to Argentina for the first time!

Opening the night was the Argentinian band Bangkok, formed in 2014, In Rosario, through the record label “Icarus”, I honestly didn’t know the band, Sounds very good, Their voices, Guitars, bass, and drums, are all perfect!

It was time for Gunner, born in 2003 in Argentina, as a mainly cover band. Over the years they grew, releasing their songs.

Their hair and outfits made us feel for a moment in the 80s. A funny and talented band, nothing to envy international bands.

Continuing with Arpeghy, the hard Rock, power metal band, formed in 2001, by Diego Solis (who on this occasion, after taking a well-deserved vacation, was replaced by Jonathan Lupis, singer and guitarist of the Argentine band KÄHRIONS) This is not the first time I have seen this wonderful band live. Mariano Middleton has a power in his voice that dazzles us all.

The expected moment of the night has arrived, The lights went out, the curtain opened, and slowly each member of Crazy Lixx arrived, (Danny Rexon, Jens Anderson, Chrisse Olsson, Joél Cirera y Jens Lundgren) with the intro “Final Fury” to begin with a flawless show that we will never forget.

With those outfits that transported us to the best era of hard rock, the show started with “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” and the audience exploded! They continued with “Hell Raising Women” and “Rock and a Hard Place”, during the 3 first songs with the photographers in front on stage amazed by the band’s visuals.

Danny didn´t speak much with the public, he said in Spanish that he would say a few words but in English, apologized for not knowing Spanish, saying how happy and grateful he was with the enthusiasm of the fans.

Crazy Lixx is a band that sounds so perfect that it seems recorded, Danny’s voice, and constant support from second voice great Jens Sjöholm, and Joél Cirera on drums (without words).

Each song made the fans go crazier and crazier. For a moment the band leaves the stage, and of course, we all want more. They return to the scene with a wonderful Encore, playing their Hymns: “Anthem for America” and “Never Die” (Forever Wild).

Almost at the end, we had the pleasure of enjoying the skill and quality of both guitarists “Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgrenen” a “Little Solo Game”

Crazy Lixx has shown us that it was worth the wait for their first visit to the country, the boys gave their all, and we can’t wait for their return!


Final Fury, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Hell Raising Women, Rock and a Hard Place, XIII, Silent Thunder, Rise Above, Sword and Stone (Bonfire cover),Girls of the 80’s, Walk the Wire, Wild Child, Two Shots at Glory, Blame It on Love, 21 Til I Die


Autobot/Decepticon Battle (Vince DiCola song), The Star-Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith song), Anthem for America, Never Die (Forever Wild), Crazy Crazy Lixx

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Ivy Llad (Ivana Llusco Aduviri)

Produced by Icarus Music

Publicist Marcerla Scorca

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