Twin Temple, February 14th, Nile Theater in Mesa, AZ

Love is in the air, and it’s the perfect day to have a bloody Valentine’s Day sacrifice. It’s February 14th, and the Nile Theater in Mesa, AZ, was host to the satanic do-op band Twin Temple.

Opening up the night was the band VOWWS. Their style is ’Death-Pop’. They have this way of making you feel dead while also being in a state of tranquility. VOWWS is a band that took the ‘Dark-Wave’ genre and turned it upside down on us. It’s raw; it’s melodic and heavy at times. The crowd at the Nile was no different, as the venue filled up quickly and it seemed as if no one could take their eyes off of them.

Unfortunately, a couple of idiots started a fight during their set, but ‘Rizz” stopped the band and acknowledged what was happening. They wanted to make sure everyone was okay! VOWWS has something special musically, and I highly recommend checking them out live or on record! Sanguis Bibimus, Corpus Edimus, and Tolle Corpus Satani! Satani, Satani!
The clock hit 9 p.m., and the Nile Theater was completely sold out! It was finally time for our favorite satanic duo, Twin Temple, to sacrifice us all to the dark Lord himself. As the other members walked out on stage dressed in their black suits, They put their index finger on their lips, signaling us to be silent. As we patiently waited for ‘Alexandra and Zachery’ to grace us with their presence, As the satanic do-op couple made their way to the stage, there was this energy in the room that only Twin Temple could bring. It was a nostalgic, excited, and warm feeling. Opening the night with ‘Sex Magic’ off their 2018 album. The band also debuted their new look, decked out in pink outfits. I mean, didn’t you know Satanists love pink too? With the newest record release of ‘God is Dead’ and this being the ‘God is Dead Tour’, their setlist mainly consisted of songs off the new album.

I’ve seen this band several times now, and every time I’ve seen them, they just keep getting better.However, on this night, they sounded absolutely phenomenal. Honestly, I was blown away by how good they sounded; it was like listening to the record, but better. Plus, for any band that just released a new record, there’s normally a few hiccups in playing the new songs, and from what I heard, there were zero of them. The only mishap of the night was the drummer going into a different song from the setlist, which happened twice. Alexandra made a joke that ‘the drummer had a mind of his own tonight’.
If Twin Temple doesn’t take over the world or make you fall in love with Satan, then I’ll have to question your entire well-being. I cannot stress this enough, but do not miss this tour! Praise Satan, be a slut, and remember that God is dead.

Sex Magick
I Am a Witch
Burn Your Bible
Let’s Have a Satanic Orgy
Lucifer, My Love
Two Sinners
In Nox
Be a Slut
Black Magick
I’m Wicked
The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It)
Satan’s a Woman
God Is Dead

Photos and Review by Michael Olivas ~𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖊𝖉 𝕲𝖔𝖓𝖅𝖔 𝕻𝖍𝖔𝖙𝖔𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖕𝖍𝖞

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