Accept Rocked the Buenos Aires Night

Old-school metal lovers gathered at the Teatro Flores, Argentina, last Friday, May 3rd to witness the acclaimed and beloved band, ACCEPT.
Opening the evening the Russians from AMALGAMA, a melodic heavy metal band, surprised me, what a great performance, accompanied by a member dressed as a devilish clown dedicated to encouraging the public.
Continuing with the local band LID, a band created in 2020, with a single studio album, “Disparo a la Razón” but with a professionalism, worthy of admiration. The last band before the great awaited part of the night was Peruvian METAL CRUCIFIER, With a great performance they immediately earned the respect and applause of the audience.

The time has come for the Germans to take the stage, and make it explode, with 17 studio albums, they came to present the recent one released on April 26, as expected, opening the show with two songs from the same “The Reckoning” and “Humanoid”, Going through their classics like “Midnight Mover” and “Restless and Wild”.

Wolf (leader guitar) with his height, charisma, and beauty, not only has men captivated by his talent, but also women, Mark Tornillo with a powerful voice that dazzles the audience, Uwe Lulis, Christopher Williams, and Martin Motnik, doing an exhilarating job, and on this occasion the guest guitarist Joel Hoekstra, known for collaborating with Whitesnake, Amy Lee, among others.

With repertoire surprises among which it is worth mentioning “London Leatherboys” and the ballad “Amamos la Vida” “a classic that we don’t play much in South America,” said Tornillo.

With “Metal Heart”, “Teutonic Terror” and “Pandemic”, intensified the euphoria of the audience.

After a brief break, the band back to the stage, to close the evening with the classic and inevitable “Balls to the Wall” with a surprise bonus track “Burning”.

Accept is a band that, despite coming to our country often, has such perfection and energy on stage that you can see it a thousand times and enjoy their show as if it were your first!


The Reckoning, Humanoid, Restless and Wild, Midnight Mover, London Leatherboys, Straight Up Jack (Live debut), Dying Breed, Demon’s Night / Starlight / Losers and Winners / Flash Rockin’ Man (“Riff Orgy” at printed setlist), Breaker, Amamos la vida (First time since 2013), Shadow Soldiers, Princess of the Dawn, Metal Heart, Teutonic Terror, Pandemic(Extended outro)


Fast as a Shark, Balls to the Wall, Burning (First time since 2018)

Photos By Ale Reggiani

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Produced by Icarus Music

Press Marcela Scorca

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