Editorial the World has changed by Douglas Bassett

A true Covid story the way it has changed fashion and the planet. Just after the first lockdown, and Milano had a very strict lockdown. We went outside, to do something in May. The air was cleaner, it smelled wonderful, the greens were never brighter and fresh, humanity returned a few steps back in time, yet living in Milano we are still surrounded by enormous amounts of fashion, styles trends and products, yet with no place to share these creations.  As we were with friends, we still stayed apart from each other, this distance is shown in the last Image no.8 But happy to be with Mother Earth, Covid showed us a direction that we all must consider in order to save her.

      The first image just of the green on the tree is an important truth, photo no.2 shares the concept of delicate this balance we have with nature, how fragile and connected we are. The double exposure images have become my signature style #theartofbackstage but they demonstrate visualy how intertwined we actually are, and how alone we have become. Global Warming is our challenge this year we all must begin to act not just talk about it.
Creative Director @samuelerivaofficial
Photographer @Douglas Bassett
Stylist @agodeledda
Makeup and Hair @chiara_castellini
Model @barbararomerofficial
Model @maurapanzeri
Designer @madame_ilary

Editor in Chief Maria Fernanda Capici