NINA KATE owner and designer ” Jane Doe Latex”

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the pleasure to interview Nina Kate. Model, actress, owner and designer of the most known Latex Clothing ” Jane Doe Latex
Nina today takes her time to be interviewed by us.
Hi Nina thanks for this interview

SUNRAY: Talk us about you
Nina: Well I grew up in London and moved to LA about 8 years ago!
I’ve been running my company, Jane Doe, since 2005 and I now live in the mountains and working on my new project of creating a luxury couples getaway air bnb!

SUNRAY: Tell us when started your passion for the design?
Nina: I had always loved latex, I bought my first latex dress at 15. And soon as I was able I was out at londons famous torture garden club just so excited to be part of something I had admired for so long.
Even when I was a kid I loved to go to school in ridiculous outfits, wether I was made fun of or not.

SUNRAY: Why Latex Clothing?
Nina: I think because I was so in love with the fetish scene, the aesthetics of it all! I poured over photography books featuring club goers and couldn’t wait to make my own. I never went to college or learned how to sew I just learned the technique at my apprenticeship and the rest I worked out on my own.
I started modelling first and it was a natural progression to get into the designing myself!

SUNRAY: We want know more about your brand ” Jane Doe Latex”
Nina: When I started out in latex it was a very different. There was no YouTube or things like that. So really the only way to learn was to get an apprenticeship. Which I got at 18yrs old. After a few years of working for various companies I realised I just wanted to go out on my own.
I’ve always just made things I love and hoped they’d find their way to people who also loved them.
Out here in LA I had a retail store for a while which was fun but also turned out not to be for me! I prefer to work at home and concentrate on the design rather than work retail on top of that.
Someone recently described the Jane Doe aesthetic as ‘victorian mourning meets drag queen’ which I think is the perfect way to sum it up!

SUNRAY: Talk us about Nina Kate “the actress”
Nina: I’ve modelled and acted since I was a kid really, and in London it was mostly just commercial things. But after moving to LA of course there were a lot more opportunities! So I joined an agency and did a lot of work, but once the shop came up that took all my time so I sorta put the acting on a back burner for a while. In the last year or two, when I gave up my public studio location at the beginning of covid, I decided it was time to concentrate on acting again!

SUNRAY: You have been working for our cover with the fantastic Rockstar`s Photographer Jim Louvau, how is work with a big professional like him?
Nina: It’s always so fun to shoot with Jim! We work really well together and the results always make me happy.
We like to just sorta get together and see where we end up, trying different things and looks to find what works.

SUNRAY: Are you working on any current projects?
Nina: Just last week my house project has been finished! I’ve spent the last 8 months gutting and designing a luxury boutique couples getaway house!
It’s been a lot of blood sweat and tears but it’s finally ready to rent!
I have a lot of new latex designs to show, and a new management team for the acting. So it’s all looking very exciting for this year.

SUNRAY: Tell us where we can find you
Nina: Best place for everything is instagram!
Personal is @nina_kate
Latex is @janedoelatex
House is @hillsidehouseca

SUNRAY MAGAZINE is so grateful with Nina Kate for this interview, we wish her all the best for this 2022!

Photos by Jim Louvau
Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici
Editor in Chief

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