Maegan Spicer Canadian Model

SUNRAY MAGAZINE had the pleasure to interview the beautiful Canadian model Maegan Spicer.
Hi Maegan, thanks for this interview
Hi! Thank you for the interview!! As Vernard can attest, I’m not the most comfortable person talking about myself and accepting compliments but I will do my best ! .

SUNRAY: Could you tell us about yourself please?
Maegan: I would desribe myself as eclectic, curious and artsy. I grew up in a small town named Peachland in British Columbia, Canada (so my eventual move to Vancouver was monumental ). I’ve just recently adopted a rescue dog named Furby which has always been a dream of mine and I just quit my job as a legal professional to pursue a full time career in modeling and working with vintage clothing.

SUNRAY: When and why you decided be model?
Maegan: I honestly never thought I would become a model or that modelling was in my future. However, one day I was working in a vintage store with my freshly buzzed mullet. (I legitimately had a bad 80’s mullet – not the cute kind ) and I met the wonderful Christine LeBlanc, who is a owner and the creative director for Life and Color Salon in Vancouver. She asked me if I wanted to bleach my mullet and I said, YES! Christine, with a team of talented individuals / friends did a photo shoot where i went a little bit country and little bit rock n’ roll. From there I got some “recognition” which led me to my current agency. I really love being in front of the camera. I really believe thats where I shine.

SUNRAY: What brands or designers have you worked for?
Maegan: I have done a few e-commerce shoots locally, but ocassionaly enjoy doing just creatives as well. I will often bring my own clothes to style shoots, i like having that creative freedom. I have one spare bedroom entirely filled my vintage clothing collections.

SUNRAY: Your expressions in each photo are unique, what or who inspires you?
Maegan: My face is very expressive and it’s usually emoting what i’m thinking… I’m quite goofy and ocassionally awkward if you couldn’t tell! Like many, I strive for perfection and I usally take all criticism as good criticism. For me, I want to produce a great photo and with having my somewhat limited experience — I don’t want to dissapoint anyone so I always hope I did a good job. I pull most of my inspiration from the 60s-80s and from Musicians/ Bands (such as; The Doors, Bowie, T-Rex, the Stones). I swear i was born in the wrong era.

SUNRAY: Recently you have worked in a great photoshoot with the Incredible producer VERNARD GOUD, tell us how is work with him?
Maegan: Vernard is truly wonderful! It’s nice to have encouragement and feel validated by someone who knows the business. Usually my nerves are rampant on shoot days – but Vernard has a very calming and comforting way about him. I love working with Vernard’s team (Janet, Stacey, Pooya, Shengting etc.) I love how Vernard can take an idea/ vision or picture (I had sent him a picture of Candice Swanepoel with 60s hair) and make it a reality!

SUNRAY: What runway in the world would you like to participate?
Maegan: I would say Prada or Gucci

SUNRAY: Who is your favorite designer or brand?

Maegan: I would have to say vintage Chanel and Versace. I love the mix of bright colours, patterns and jewelery.

SUNRAY: Are you working on any current projects?
Maegan: I have a few great projects lined up in the next few months but I cant yet reveal what.

SUNRAY: Tell us where we can find you? (web sites, social networks, etc)
Maegan: My social media is not my strong suit but my instagram handle is : @sincerelymspicer

SUNRAY MAGAZINE is so grateful to Maegan Spicer for this interview, we wish her so much success!
Maegan: I cannot thank you enough for the interview! It’s my pleasure!
Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici
Clothes & accessories by Turnabout, Prada, Chanel, Armani, Mila Jane Jewelry.

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