Julian Larre “Lessdmv”, Interview

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the big pleasure interview the Mexican Rock Singer and songwriter, Julian Larre “Lessdmv”.
Larre is currently the vocalist of the gothic metal band from Germany ‘Lacrimas Profundere’, shining in each show with the band since 2018.
Recently Lessdmv just released the wonderful new single “Disarmed”
The Songwriter based in Finland, catches us day to day with his powerful and beautiful voice.
Lessdmv today takes his time to be interviewed by us!

SUNRAY: Hi Julian, What made you want to become a musician?

Lessdmv: There was always art dripping around my house, through paintings, books and vinyls, I found a place for me to re evaluate everything, re define myself and re design my world. It was cause of my mom , my brother and my uncle that I started learning classical guitar and quickly moved into singing and once I landed there everything changed. The cheery on top is that pursuing a career as a musician sounds like suicide for many out there, so it was compelling to face such a challange and a lot of fun to prove them wrong.

SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

Lessdmv: Honestly pretty hard to say cause I feel like have been so hungry for developing my musical skills through out my whole life that I have been moving pretty quickly in different music spheres taking the best out each world. From rap to pop to metal and everything in between, obove and below.

SUNRAY: You were born in Mexico, what made you move to Finland?

Lessdmv: Probably a bit of destiny and a lot of love. Finland its been my home for so long at this point and suits my personality incredibly well. I rather lose myself in the forest than on a busy street.

SUNRAY: Why Lessdmv?

Lessdmv: Lessdmv is this sort of self created word I came up with. L is an old nickname my friends gave me back in the days and DMV stands for ” Destroy my veins ” which is part of a song I wrote ages ago. But it starts getting more complicated once you dig deeper into the different meanings of all the LDMV signs I have created. When putting the pieces together everything starts making more sense.

SUNRAY: Can you talk us the story behind your symbol?

Lessdmv: “The Epitaph” is the first sign I created. Romantic enough I was terrible at school, so I really focused on ignoring my maths teacher the best I could and started drawing this weird sign which just felt right for me, I mean I had 0 doubts about it and thats a pretty crazy for someone as ”perfectionist” as I am. About the meaning ”The end is contained in the starting point. A goal is glimpsed as a vague intuition at the origin of the path”

SUNRAY: Recently you just released the new single “Disarmed”, a very beautiful and deep song, Can you talk about this single?

Lessdmv: Disarmed is pretty much a letter I wrote as an inner conversation. When I say ”The ones who loved you once, then killed you in your sleep” is not meant as a portrait of betrayal, Im talking about what we are capable to do to ourselves. Once you look at the song from this perspective, the whole ”Disarmed by you Disarmed by me” mantra opens a different side of the coin.

SUNRAY: What steps do you take for the best outcome in songwriting? What is your process when creating music?

Lessdmv: I visit different avenues when songwriting cause I wanna keep it challenging, evolving and heading into different directions. It drives me crazy to think of getting stuck on a formula and sound for decades. So It all might start with a simple melody but then Im trying to turn it all upside down and break as many rules as I can in a way that feels right. I am devoted to arts rebel nature.

SUNRAY: You are currently the vocalist of the gothic metal band from Germany ‘Lacrimas Profundere’, how did you feel when the band called you?

Lessdmv: It was cool to think of new experienses and Its been a lot of fun to hang out with my dudes they are great people.

SUNRAY: Who’s your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

Lessdmv: Collaborating with C. Taylor would be really interesting cause I think he fits into this not 100% calculated world of production and song writing while creating pretty good and coherent music.

SUNRAY: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

Lessdmv: Internet is probably the most significant tool we have gotten for a whole generation and generations to come which of course… came with its consequences. The fact that you can jump on the computer and start learning about anything you want, create, share and connect with the world from your pocket device simply changes everything. Now, this gives you a shot for independence, but not everyone is designed to be independent. The consequences we all know them.

SUNRAY: What is the best advice you could give to a young ambitious musician who is looking to develop and further his career in this sector?

Lessdmv: Try to not focus too hard on building a career in the 80s when you are living in 2023 and by that I mean the bussines model. Cause sometimes it feels like people trying to pay the rent with salt and blaming others cause it didnt work.
Try not to look for validation in record deals, owning the best equipment or waiting for corporations to come and save you, if you didnt even care to learn the basics. Dont obsess over shortcuts instead have dicipline, learn everyday and everyday a little more, break the rules, play smart and be truth to your art.

SUNRAY: What’s next for Lessdmv?

Lessdmv: There are a bunch of plans and music of course but honestly there is this very strong an unpredictible element in my brain that could literally make me drive this in thousand different ways and thousand different directions.

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Tony Berger

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