Eric Martin “Mr. Big voice” Interview

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the big pleasure to interview the American Rock Singer “Eric Martin” the Mr. Big voice, son of the famous drummer Frederick Lee “Pepper” Martin.
The talented singer of “To Be With You”, and “Just Take My Heart” is coming to Argentina next November 10, this opportunity a Solo, preparing a great concert with his hits with Mr. Big, going through his solo songs and collaborations with other artists that he has done throughout his long and successful career.
Today before comes to Argentina, takes his time to give us this interview!
Hi dear Eric!

SUNRAY: Who were your early Biggest Influences?

Eric: Otis Redding , Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, Rod Stewart, Frankie Miller, Steve Marriot ( he was really busy as a singer but it wasn’t planned …it was like he was speaking in tongues or signed a deal with the devil when he sung…just raw and brilliant) also my hero -Paul Rogers from FREE /Bad Company …his gravel and tone and soul moved me .

SUNRAY: You are the son of a great drummer Frederick Lee “Pepper” Martin. Why did you not follow the drummer career as your father?

Eric: I was never as good as him wasn’t from lack of trying or practicing a big portion of my life. I did’nt have the right stuff , it wasn’t my calling … I wanted badly to please my father but I had more of a spark and a strange obsession with singing . But my Pop was also a band leader and an MC …he loved the spotlight and that’s what I got from him …timing and a gift of humor..I love the spotlight and I love talking to the audience.

Ps. My first band was called “ the Buzz” ..I played drums for a little while and realized my singing potential …I was too uncoordinated to do both so the drums sit in the closet till this day. In the immortal movie words of the templar Knight guard in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade “ You Have Chosen Wisely” ….. whew!!

SUNRAY: What made you become a singer?

Eric: I was a mediocre drummer and keyboard player, My Tommy Tedesco book “learn how to play guitar in 7 days” took me 5 years, Bass guitar was way callusing hard on my fingers…. The only thing left to do was to sing … as soon as I opened up my mouth the fuse was lit, sparks flew , fire started !!

SUNRAY: You are coming to Argentina in a few days, and your fans are so excited about your visit! What can you tell us about this next concert, who´s playing with you this time?

Eric: A ton of Mr. BIG tunes , a few of my solo songs and I’m bringing super fantastic skilled rockers with Chops!! with me ( Coolest folks on the planet)
Ignacio Torres – Guitar –
Felipe Cortes – Drums-
Guido Barilari – Bass – (He is the son of the lead singer of Rata Blanca, – Adrian Barilari)
Ana Flugel – Backing vocals
Pablo Milosz – Manager, promoter, Comedy relief and babysitter to the star of the show !

SUNRAY: What’s next with MR BIG?

Eric: I heard a rumor that BIG things will be coming …. I hear the whisper in the field of dreams that….”If you build it they will come”. Do you kids hear it??

Thank you so much for your interview! We are excited to see you in action in a few days! All the best!

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Special Thanks Juan Manuel HP Prensa, California Sun and Hellnois Booking.

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