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SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the big honor to interview beautiful Hollywood`s actress Elizabeth Mitchell, the Emmy-nominee for her starring role as “Juliet Burke” on ABC’s phenomenon LOST.
Mitchell also had lead roles on the television series V based upon the popular ‘80s alien invasion mini-series, Revolution, Dead of Summer, just to mention a few.
Elizabeth is also known for her roles in numerous films, most notably as girlfriend of Angelina Jolie in her portrayal of supermodel GIA in the Golden Globe-winning HBO telefilm.
Ms Mitchell with a marvellous actress career, today takes her time to be interviewed for us.
Hello Ms Elizabeth thankyou so much for this interview

SUNRAY: Could you talk to us a bit about yourself besides being an actress?
Mitchell: I lead a very quiet life in Washington State. I have about 10 acres where I live with my partner of many years and my son. We have a horse, a hilarious golden retriever, and a tiny little mutt who runs the house. It’s a sweet place where you can pick fruits off of trees and bushes. That sort of thing has always amazed me. I started building furniture and redoing parts of my house during quarantine. I read a lot, occasionally bake bread, and I exercise about an hour every day. Every morning I sit quietly with Percy the Golden next to the window on this wonky 10-foot couch I built, drink coffee, and look out on the trees. I find that having this spot of peace is really important to balance the occasional chaos of the work that I do.

SUNRAY: When did you decided that you want to become an actress?
Mitchell: I really can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be an actress. I longed for it from when I was really little. I used to go to a local theater and watch the actors and just… hang out like a tiny little pest. I would explore all of the little hidden passages and secret spots so I could sit and watch people create something out of nothing. I was a quiet little reader. Which, of course, hasn’t changed. What actors do felt like magic to me. It still does. So, I suppose you could say that I started when I was about seven. I never stopped.

SUNRAY: Did you take up any training in acting?
Mitchell: I did. I started by doing. I started acting at the Dallas Theater Center when I was really little and continued all the way through High School. Then, I went to college for acting, went to graduate school in London for acting, and continued my studies in New York. I’m a big believer in studying. I still study. When I am perplexed, or I feel stuck, or I feel like I am relying too much on what I’ve always done, I work with my acting coach. She is a marvel – Dinah Manoff. She helps me see things that I wouldn’t otherwise see. So, I suppose that I’m always studying. I’m not really sure it’s some thing that you ever fully master. I like to think of my acting journey and my life as a work in progress.

SUNRAY: What was your first role?
Mitchell: I’m pretty sure I played a jumping frog. I received a large laugh from the audience. A moment of pure joy.

SUNRAY: Can you tell us how was the experience in your role as “Juliet Burke” on ABC’s phenomenon LOST?
Mitchell: I absolutely loved being on “Lost.” I had just had my son, CJ, and I was able to jump into being a part of something that was creative and exciting. It was thrilling to be on a show that had such an interested and curious fanbase. I loved the theories, the dissecting of clues, and the adventure of it all. I found myself doing the same thing whenever I got a new script. I was working with people that I truly grew to love, and ‘Juliet’ remains one of my favorite characters that I’ve ever played.
I vividly remember one early morning, driving to set around 4am. The moon was still high, and I remember thinking that there’s nothing in the world that can feel better than this. To have this child that I love so much, happy and healthy on the beaches of Hawaii, and to be on my way to doing some thing that engages me completely was an unparalleled experience.

SUNRAY: What techniques do you use to create a believable character?
Mitchell: That’s such a great question. I really do try to figure out what the character wants. What she is yearning for. And then I try to figure out what’s keeping her from getting it. I always try to find their motivations in a way that is deeply personal to me. I’m also very engaged with the people that I work with. I find that responding to them, being open, and letting myself be affected by the choices they make. It’s a big part of how I work.
We spend a great deal of life putting on a shell. So we’re not hurt, or so we feel comfortable in our lives. Part of acting is taking that shell away. Letting yourself be hurt, letting yourself feel joy, letting yourself fall in love, and fall out of love, and be angry, and be affected…

SUNRAY: How do you prepare in advance for a role?
Mitchell: Well, you know my love of studying. I study, study, study. I learn the words cold. Because if I don’t know them, I can’t do my work effectively. So, I try to learn them so that the individual words are the last thing I’m thinking about when I’m performing. In part, to honor my writers. Also, to honor the work itself. Doing your homework makes the next day fun. When all the actors have done their homework, then the work just feels like flying.

I set my intentions. What I want. I can set an intention for the whole piece. But I can also set an intention for each scene. What do I want from the person next to me? How do I feel about them? Also, what do I not want them to know? What secrets do I keep? I also look for humor. Where are the little pieces where the absurdity of being human is apparent?

SUNRAY: Currently you are playing “Carla Limbrey” in Outer Banks season 2, please can you talk us about her?
Mitchell: Oh, Carla. What a challenge she was for me. She’s such a disreputable person. Like a piece of mildewed lace. I really did try to find the things that I liked about her. I also wanted to see what she wanted. An interesting thing about people is we always think that we are the good guy. I have no doubt that ‘Carla’ thinks that she’s the hero of the story. But the things that she does along the way are reprehensible.
So, I suppose I worked backwards from what she wants, why she wants it, and what deep harm was caused to her to make her behave the way that she does.

SUNRAY: Which role that you have played you like the most?
Mitchell: Oh, forgive me, but it’s so hard to pick just one. Every role has a different experience. A different set of joys. Of course, ‘Juliet’ was probably the most extraordinary overall experience. I was in Hawaii, a new mom, and surrounded by actors that I loved so much. But all of my roles have brought me joy in one way or another.

SUNRAY: Elizabeth you are the producer of your latest film “WITCH HUNT” please talk us about it
Mitchell: I’m so excited for people to see “Witch Hunt.” It’s a beautiful film. Aching, and scary, and filled with love at the same time. I’m really proud of it, and I’m excited to see what people think. I love to immerse myself in the work as an actor, however being involved on the business side of the movie was also exciting to me. Luckily our Director, Elle Callahan, created such an incredible environment for all of us to thrive.

SUNRAY: What is the best advice you could give to a young ambitious actress or actor who is looking to develop and further his career in this sector?
Mitchell: Well, it’s such a different world now. There are so many easier ways to be famous if that’s what you want. But as far as the craft of acting? I would say: study. Watch people whose work you love and see what they do. Watch as much good work as you possibly can and try to understand what makes it good. And then study some more. Find teachers that you appreciate. There’s so much great teaching available online. Read as much as you can, and be open and aware of the world around you. Be curious and try to drop judgement. I think sometimes as actors we forget that we’re playing real people. So being fully rounded in your life is a gift to yourself.

SUNRAY: How do you think success has changed your life?
Mitchell: I suppose that success has changed me a little bit. I was a very awkward and shy child. I am much more comfortable in my life now. It’s easier to be my quirky, awkward little self without judgement. People just smile and say “Well, she’s an actress.” What a gift.
Success has also given me the incredible gift and luxury of being able to spend a large chunk of my time pursuing my passions and interests. When I’m at work, I’m all in, but when I’m home my mind loves to create and explore new things. Success gives me space for that.

SUNRAY MAGAZINE is so grateful with the epic Hollywood`s actress Elizabeth Mitchell for give us this interview and be our cover, we wish her more success to comes.
Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Alvin Nguyen

Special thanks Craig Schneider President Pinnacle Public Relation

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