“Edge of Paradise” Interview with Rock Band

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the pleasure to interview the leader and vocalist of the Hard Rock band “Edge of Paradise” Margarita Monet.
The American rock band was formed in Los Angeles, California, United States, in 2011, Edge of Paradise is known for its heavy guitars complemented by industrial and classical influences, as well as Monet’s large vocal range. Recently released their new album called ‘THE UNKNOWN’.

Photo by Val Rassi

SUNRAY: How Did You Meet?
MM: So when I moved to LA, i was hired by a local producer to do a song, it was more of a rock song and we wanted to find someone to play guitar on it. Before we started to look for guitarists, we randomly walked into a local music store and Dave was there doing a guitar workshop and as we walked in, he was playing Welcome to the Jungle, and after hearing the solo, we knew we had to get him. Soon after Dave and I decided to form our own band, and 10 years, many albums and tours later, we did a remake of Welcome to the Jungle 😉

SUNRAY: Who Are Your Biggest Influences?
MM: We all have very different influenced, it’s probably what contributed to adding a unique element to our sound. I grew up on classical music, I played piano pretty much my whole life, i also love movie soundtracks, anything that’s epic, i love! I started to get into rock and metal in my early college years, with Led Zeppelin, Queen, Symphony X, Dio, Korn, Rammstein… Dave comes from heavy metal background, he grew up on Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, his guitar heroes are Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai… And the rest of the band, they’re also influenced by rock and metal, i think as a group, we’re into Rammstein 🙂
When it comes to influences, it’s hard to say, because we always just try to follow whatever unique idea presents itself, and let thew music lead the way.

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SUNRAY: Why Edge Of Paradise?
MM: Dave and I formed the band in Los Angeles, and some people perceive it as paradise, it’s always sunny, beautiful ocean and the mountains. But life here is very hard and it feels like you’re always on the edge and one wrong move, you’re off the cliff haha.
But we also wanted a name to symbolize the heaviness that Dave brings, and the more melodic side of what I bring….

SUNRAY: Margarita, your vocal range are incredibles! You are an inspiration to the girls who wants make hard rock, What is the best advice you give them?
MM: Thank you so much, i appreciate the kind words! One thing that always helped me is having a mindset that i have no limits, and if I hear something that I think the song needs, I work on making it happen with my voice, and eventually I grew as a singer and my range increased. Another important thing is to really find joy in the work, because it’s not an easy path, but if you really love it and it comes from the heart, it’s incredibly rewarding.

SUNRAY: What’s Your Songwriting Process?
MM: I usually start with my keyboard, I’ll make a cinematic instrumental arrangement and it inspires the lyrics and melody. Once I have the backbone of the song idea, Dave will come in with guitars and the song morphs into a rock song, and we finalize the arrangement of the demo. Then I’ll go to the studio with our producer Mike Plotnikoff to record vocals, we may change a few things and the song evolves. Now we’re ready for drums, that’s when our drummer Jamie come in and elevates the song with new energy. Then it’s time for guitars, this is when the song really takes shape, Dave will do the rhythms, the solos, our second guitarist David Ruiz brings his ideas with additional guitar layers and it’s super awesome to see the song evolve. Kenny will lay down the bass and add the heaviness and more power. Once we have all the instruments recorded, i redo all the cinematic arrangements on the keys, because now with all the other instruments, we have to make sure everything everything compliments each other without overshadowing. Once all the tracks are done, we send it to Jacob Hansen, in Denmark who mixes the song and brings it to life!

SUNRAY: Please talk to us about the new Album ‘THE UNKNOWN’
MM: That was a very unique experience creating this album, because we wrote and recorded during 2020, as the pandemic shut everything down, we sort of escaped the reality in the studio. It was difficult time, as all of our tours got cancelled, so much uncertainty and fear in the air, couldn’t travel to see our families… so this album became a silver lining for us.
The lyrics of the title track “I find strength in the unknown…” are the heart of the album in a lot of ways. In the way that it’s the reality and that was the way for me to stay positive and the other is, I’ve always thought about what’s beyond this life, there are so many mysteries of the universe, and humans pretty much know nothing. To think beyond our reality can be terrifying, especially because we can’t control what we don’t know. So I try to look at it with a sense of wonder and positive light. Because the unknown can also mean endless possibilities, and it can be a doorway to our future.
Of course there are a lot of other themes that we explore on this album. The idea of the possibility of living forever through a digital space, the rise of artificial intelligence, the concept of time, powerful figures throughout history and just a lot of human emotion, as we move towards the future.
And now we are gearing up to release our next album, Hologram, as the story of The Unknown continues! 😉

SUNRAY: How’s The Tour Going?
MM: The tour was great, we always have such an amazing time playing live. It’s definitely one of our favorite things, to share the music with people, it’s an indescribable rush, to play the music live! We also met so many great musicians and made a lot of new friends from across the world!
Now we’re gearing up for the tour that kicks off in May, with Lacuna Coil, Blind Channel and Birthday Massacre!

SUNRAY: If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
MM: So many great ones out there! Let’s say Rammstein, they got lots of fire on stage! 🙂

SUNRAY: What’s next for the band?
MM: Releasing our next album Hologram, along with a comic book that tells the story of the album! We will have lots of music videos as well, so people can experience the album through multiple dimensions! And of course, lots of touring!

SUNRAY: Please tell us where we can find you (websites, social networks)
MM: You can find us at http://www.EdgeOfParadiseBand.com
Follow us on spotify, all the social networks, we love hearing from people, it’s a great community and we’re grateful to have you be a part of our world!

2 thoughts on ““Edge of Paradise” Interview with Rock Band

  • March 12, 2023 at 8:11 pm

    Awesome interview & am even more awesome band! So glad Dave & Margarita got to get to get to band going!! Can’t wait for them to tour here in Florida!!

  • March 13, 2023 at 6:00 am

    Wow that’s awesome and I didn’t realize it has been that long since you began your journey 2011 I went back and checked my you tube history and I didn’t see yous that first year I didn’t see until awhile after that but I do know it was before yous became so popular that is awesome yous deserve nothing less than the very best that the music industry has in-store for one of the greatest bands ever Edge of Paradise Rocks!!! Bobby Day South Side Live Band Support and SS Family for Life our hats off and 5***** to Edge of Paradise


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