Chloe Bella Armstrong interview with scottish model

Sunray Magazine has the pleasure to interview or first cover model the gorgeous Chloe Bella Armstrong, the scottish model takes her time to interviewed with us.
Hi Chloe!

SUNRAY: Tell us about you
Chloe: My name is Chloe Bella Armstrong from Glasgow in Scotland I am 19 years old and I am 5″11. I am one of 9 children.

SUNRAY: When did you decide to be model?
Chloe: I started modelling at 16 as I was already 5″10 at 15
I slouched when walking felt different and had no confidence, my mum thought as I had the height modelling might help give me some confidence. I loved it I didn’t have to slouch no more I could sgretchand be proud of my height, when people now said I was so tall I didnt become a shrinking violet but felt proud

SUNRAY: What was the first brand or designer that hired you?
Chloe: I worked tfp for a year building up a portfolio that I was proud of
The first designer I walked for was Alea Aleigh she is an amazing strong women I also waked for her at LFW and won an award Ultimate Top Alternative Model I was so proud and couldn’t wait to tell my family and friend John Gray who has went out of way to help me in my career.

SUNRAY: Tell us how was the experience to be Miss Scotland finalist 2017?
Chloe: Being a Miss Scotland finalist was an experience my mum entered me when I was 16 the girls were all lovely and so nice not like I had been told I was proud to raise thousand of pounds for a charity close to my heart CAMHS

SUNRAY: In which runway have you been involved?
Chloe: I have been in many runway shows already and have only been modelling for a few years
My favourite ones I have walked in are Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week also Scotland International Fashion Festival (SIFF) as this is where I met the wonderful Iris Rodriguez.

SUNRAY: What runway in the world would you like to be participate?
Chloe: I would love to go to New York Fashion Week. It’s been my dream since I started modelling …. Dream big

SUNRAY: The CEO Founder of “LIFF2020” is the fantastic Argentinian fashion designer and fashion producer Iriz Rodriguez, you have been work in several opportunities with she, tell us how is work with the adorable Iris?
Chloe: Iris has taught me so much, she has taken me under her wing and now is like a favourite auntie
I find the fashion industry can be fickle but not Iris she really cares about the people she meets she treats models as friends and I have never seen a more motivated person she is determined to make her visions become reality but is fair and loyal to those she meets along the way.
She has taken me to London Cannes and Alicante to work with her I have stayed in penthouses on the beach I danced till the morning
I am so thankful to have her in my life x

SUNRAY: Tell us where we can find you (social networks, web sites)
Chloe: Instagram @chloe_bella_x

Thankyou so much Chloe Bella Armstrong, was a big pleasure this interview with you!

Interview by
Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by John Gray.