Apricity Interview with Rock Girl

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the pleasure to interview the wonderful alternative Rock singer the Scottish “Apricity” (now Puslinch, Ontario-based)
Hello Apricity thankyou for this interview

SUNRAY: Could you talk to us a bit about yourself besides being a singer?

Apricity: Hi. Thanks for having me. I was born and raised in Scotland. Now call Canada home. Not a fan of the cold. Enjoy long walks on the beach.. kidding. Though I do. Huge animal lover. Enjoy the outdoors. Music is a passion and it makes me tick

SUNRAY: What inspired you to start playing and making music?

Apricity: It’s really all encompassing. It’s fulfilling. I think about it 24/7. Started when I was young in musical theatre and school of the arts. It’s never left me

SUNRAY: Are you the songwriter of your songs?

Apricity: I have been lucky to work with some amazing songwriters and have obviously made my own tweaks of the songs to fit my style…it has been incredible to work with these writers

SUNRAY: What are your influences?

Apricity: Musically there is so much to pick from… I think growing up definitely anywhere from Blondie to Evanescence to Alanis and I am a huge Pretty Reckless fan

SUNRAY: What did you feel when “All My Lies” song and video, amassed more than 120,000+ streams across platforms, including 80,000+ on YouTube alone?

Apricity: honestly I’m still in shock… It is so fulfilling to have some thing you’ve put your heart and soul into you reach so many people

SUNRAY: Why Alternative Rock?

Apricity: No real reason I chose it it’s just me… I have to feel what I sing. The vibe has to fit

SUNRAY: Which famous musicians do you admire?

Apricity: As I had mentioned before there are so many to choose from honestly anyone that puts themselves out there to bring music alive. I also like to listen to all kinds of music as you always pick up and learn things

SUNRAY: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Apricity: I do I am constantly working on songs and videos and I’m really excited to have new releases coming soon. I also have just started to perform live and have an amazing group of musicians with me. Special thanks to Craig. Shawn and Derek along with Yan Simon . These boys put themselves out there for me and are such a pleasure to work a show with.

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Andrea Hunter

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  • November 6, 2022 at 1:30 am

    Love this Band! ” All my Lies “I was hooked the moment I Heard it!
    Now I play it daily!!! Apricity Rocks!!! ❤🤘


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