Patricia Profumo`s Collection FW21 “SCANDINAVIA”

SUNRAY MAGAZINE present the Patricia Profumo`s Collection FW21 called “SCANDINAVIA” in SHERATON PILAR.
Brings together the whole idea of winter, a harsh and very sophisticated winter, Very glamorous elegant and totally captivating. with noble genres and with some tips for coats in the outfits, such as fur or capes, feathers etc
All inspiration, comes from the Nordic countries, with laces embroidered with wide layers, lace and guipure with collars in fur or animal skin, in short crepe dresses with coat applications too, and obviously the classic PROFUMO with pure lines, (classic cuts in ready-to-wear dresses, crepes in skirts and genres such as chiffon adopted in this collection) Also leatherette and embroidered tulle are genres used in this collection.
“SCANDINAVIA” began to inspire me with a trip scheduled for the past 2020, where I investigated and look for information on the ancient Vikings in their clothes, and without a doubt I began to travel in my mind with ideas, and sensations that later turned creativity into the sketches of each dresses.
The trip was postponed for another time in the near future (I hope so) but the pandemic could not stop Scandinavia from being created with all that information, With all that wealth acquired in the previous trip, it is so with more strength and desire I want to expose it, because finally SCANDINAVIA WILL BE A SUCCESS!
Instagram: patricia.profumo
Twitter: @patriciaprofumo
Pictures by Leonardo Lombardo
Hairstyle: Bruno Salas
Location: Sheraton Pilar Buenos Aires Argentina
Report by Maria Fernanda Capici

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