“OSEAH FASHION” made in Italy

From the idea to its realization. From the draft to the masterpiece. From the
laboratory to the shop windows. A haute couture dress is thus born in the OSEAH
FASHION atelier.
Halide Kelmendi aims to offer her female customers a line that includes clothing for
every occasion, for leisure time, or for an evening in which to show off great elegance.
From the comfort of everyday clothes, to the refined sumptuousness of ceremonial ones, the common denominator is quality, typical of those who have mastery in the
processing of fabrics and materials, as well as those creative skills, which are innate in
Halide Kelmendi, one of the most acclaimed designers at Milan fashion events, such as
International Fashion Week Milan, organized by the Opulence Events based in Dubai.
A talent made in Italy that of Halide Kelmendi, who for its precious characteristics is making herself appreciated all over the world.
For more information on the production of the OSEAH FASHION collection and for resale, do not hesitate to contact OSEAH FASHION

Email: skelmendisk.sk@gmail.com

Whatsapp: 39 342 058 2436

Facebook: @oseah_fashion_made_in_tuscany

Instagram: @oseah_fashion_made_in_tuscany

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