VILLE VALO Live in London

Royal Albert Hall [10th May 2024]

A flawless concert to define the end of another era. As millions of other fans, we were surely not happy when H.I.M. played their last show and we were all hoping to see them live again, maybe with a special reunion. As of today, that didn’t happen, but His Infernal Majesty Ville Valo, had so many other beauties to share with his loyal fans that decided to start the VV’s Neon Noir chapter.
The sold-out show in one of the most beautiful venues in London, the Royal Albert Hall, can be considered the apex of Valo’s fantastic career. The Royal Albert Hall is magnificent tonight and the audience is immediately on fire when the band come on stage with the notes of “Neon Noir”, followed by “Right Here In My Arms” and “Run Away From The Sun”. Everything is just perfect – from the simplicity of the stage with the Heartagram in the centre that changes colour at every song, to the excellent choice of tracks for the final show of the tour. Songs from the H.I.M. era and the VV era alternate sublimely, highlighting multiple aspects of Valo’s famous metal romance and heavy riffs.

We must admit that we thought that this was supposed to be a bitter-sweet night considering that it represented the end of an era, however it seemed to us more like a celebration of a great artist career, a celebration of life, a celebration of music. Ville Valo looked younger than ever (it must be his “vampire heart” or some other secrets, we don’t know!) and sang superbly for almost 2 hours. We don’t know what type of plans Ville Valo has for the future, if there will be a new VV era, a new project or maybe a H.I.M. reunion, but we do know that tonight’s performance in London will forever be remembered by his fans as one of the best of his career ever.
Kiitos Ville! Salute to His Infernal Majesty!


● Neon Noir
● Right Here In My Arms
● Run Away From The Sun
● Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
● Salute The Sanguine
● The Kiss Of Dawn
● Loveletting
● Buried Alive By Love
● Heartful Of Ghosts
● Join Me In Death
● The Foreverlost
● The Funeral Of Hearts
● Echolocate Your Love
● Poison Girl
● Saturnine Saturnalia
● Gone With The Sin
● In Trenodia
● Killing Loneliness
● Baby Lacrimarium
● When Love And Death Embrace

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