“The Mega-Monsters World Tour” Gojira and Mastodon together

Last rainy Friday evening, November 17 at the Movistar Arena, Argentina, we had the incredible pleasure of covering one of the best rock nights of 2023!

Matodon took the stage at 20:20 hs opening the night with “Gobblers of Dregs” The stadium was full, with the audience going crazy, and the moshpit started!

For 13 consecutive songs, they shook the Movistar Arena, “Megalodon”, “Sultan’s Curse”, “Black Tongue”, “High Road” and “Blood and Thunder” just mention a few, The visual support and energy of the band, It kept the crowd in constant motion, singing each song with full effervescence.

The Huge talent of Brann Dailor (drummer and vocalist) is the It is the fundamental piece of the band, with the amazing vocal range of Troy Sanders (vocalist and bass) on guitars with a perfect connection Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher, Mastodon show us great professionalism!


Gobblers of Dregs, Crystal Skull, Megalodon, Divinations, Sultan’s Curse, Bladecatcher, Black Tongue, The Czar, High Road, More Than I Could Chew, Mother Puncher, Steambreather, Blood and Thunder.

At 22:10 Hs the Other Monster took the stage, The French French Metal giants Gojira, opened the show with “Ocean Planet” from the album “From Mars to Sirius” released in 2005. “Backbone”, “Flying Whales”, the epic “Art of Dying”, “Oroburos”, “The Chant”, “The Heaviest Matter in the Universe” and “The Gift of Guilt” were some of the songs that resonated during the evening. The band presented a significantly modified setlist compared to their show last year.

Stranded and Flying Whales are real standouts, As I stand watching I’m struck by the impressive back projections.

Gojira even makes room for humor. Another World sees animations of band members launched into space. They journey into desolate nothingness before returning to a world overtaken by rampant nature with only a ruined Eifel Tower protruding from the greenery.

There’s a drum solo, It’s a technically brilliant onslaught that eventually slows and Mario Duplantier urges us to clap in unison. He gets a decent response but he isn’t happy, raising a large handwritten sign, in Spanish encouraging them to do better, We respond and he replies with a new sign: “ Ustedes son los Mejores”.

Vast quantities of smoke are being pumped into the hall, completely engulfing the band and audience.
A performance overflowing with raw power and relentless energy. The audience was completely connected with the French throughout their entire show.

Ocean Planet, Backbone, Stranded, Flying Whales, The Cell, The Art of Dying, Drum Solo, Grind, Another World, Oroborus, Silvera, The Chant, L’enfant sauvage
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe, Amazonia
Encore 2:
The Gift of Guilt

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Gallo Bluguermann

Produced by Move Concerts Argentina

Publicist Gaby Sisti

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