Sodom “40 Years At War” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Last Sunday, September 10, at the Teatro Flores, was a Metal festival! , The musicians to kick off the night’s entertainment were the Argentinian band Hermostra (“they showed the Girls Power”) then  Dekapited (A band from Chile) then took the stage the Argentinian bands Tungsteno, and Reinara La Tempestad, with great performance.

Is time for the international bands, starting with the Death Metal German band “Purgatory” presenting their current released album “Apotheosis of the Anti Light” (2022).

Continuing the Swedish band “DEFLESHED” after a long stop from the band for more than 15 years, they are back with a huge power! Presenting their new album Grind Over Matter (2022). Gustaf Jorde (Singer and bassist) made the fans vibrate, with his performance!

We were approaching the end and, was the moment of the band from New York “Immolation”, Ross Dolan with his powerful voice, made the audience feel his energy! Playing songs from their old album Dawn of Possession (1991) Going through the current album Acts of God (2022).

As the Thrash Death metal night drew to a close, is time of the Legendary band from Germany “SODOM”, formed in 1981, took the stage with limited time, since they started 40 minutes after what was agreed, they featured songs that ranged across their career.

Going through “Outbreak of Evil”, “Sodomy and Lust”, “Agent Orange”, and “Among The Weirdcong” keeping the energy, which has characterized them for years, made the audience no stop jump, and the famous “Pogo” during all the show!

The “Epic moment” was when the fans started to say “Ole Ole Ole, Ole ole Ole Ola, cada dia te quiero mas ohh soy de Sodom es un sentimiento no puedo parar! something very typical of Argentina to cheer!

Was an unforgettable night, This was not the show to miss and every single band on this tore up the stage.

Review By Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Carli Nolimits

Produced by Icarus Music, publicist Marcela Scorca.

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