MANESKIN In Argentina September 11, 2022

Marching into the Hipodromo de Palermo on a bit cold almost spring evening, to cover the first concert in Argentina of the incredible Italian Rock Band Maneskin.
The band formed in Rome in 2016. Composed of vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, Guitarist Thomas Raggi, and Drummer Ethan Torchio. They rose to prominence in Italy after finishing second in Italian XFactor, in 2017.

Their international fame began when the guys won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy with the song “Zitti e buoni”.
The band has released two studio albums, entitled Il ballo della vita (2018) and Teatro d’ira: Vol. I (2021). 11 diamond discs, 194 platinum discs, and 40 gold discs, have obtained a huge international consecration.

Last September 11 Maneskin blew our heads with their first visit to Argentina. Involves a transversal audience from families with children, and teenagers to groups of sixty-year-olds.
The set list that was performed had a real amount of power to it, in almost two hours the audience non stopped of sing, screaming, and Jumping!
At the end of the third song, Damiano observed that the audience was very euphoric and they were hurting themselves, for this reason, he stopped the show for a moment and asked everybody to calm down and allow health personnel to attend. A beautiful attitude as a leader of the band.
Damiano with his sweet, hoarsely and powerful voice, a beautiful solo by Thomas touched our hearts, an extraordinary performance by Ethan on drums, and a professional and sexy Vic with her bass!
Their energy left us impatient to see them again.


ZITTI E BUONI, 2. IN NOME DEL PADRE, 3. MAMMAMIA, 4. LA PAURA DEL BUIO, 5. BEGGIN’ (The Four Seasons cover), 6. CORALINE, 7. VENT’ANNI, 8. CLOSE TO THE TOP, 9. SUPERMODEL, 10. FOR YOUR LOVE, 11. TOUCH ME, 12. MY GENERATION (The Who cover), 13. I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE, 14. GASOLINE, 15. I WANNA BE YOUR DOG (The Stooges cover) and finally 16. LIVIDI SUI GOMITI (with the audience on stage)


Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Carli Nolimits

Special thanks DF Entertainment
Renata Saslavsky
Silvana Gomez Caje

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