OVO Wembley Arena [23rd May 2024]

Five Finger Death Punch brought their 2024 Tour in London on May 23rd as their only UK date and this time with a sold-out gig at the Wembley Arena. We were not surprised at all seeing the Wembley Arena packed and ready for a night of heavy metal, powerful music and definitely fun!
Partners in crime for tonight were Ice Nine Kills that brought a shorter version of their horror-film inspired show which was highly entertaining (as always!) while waiting for 5FDP.

5FDP came up on stage and started the concert with Welcome To The Circus (and we couldn’t be happier!). This is a great song and definitely one of their best tunes to start a live show. Ivan Moody & Co were in an extremely good shape and their show was fully entertaining from the start to the end. The setlist was interesting and the band played songs from their latest album AfterLife and tracks from previous works along with some nice surprises like the live debut of “The House Of The Rising Sun” (with the lyrics changed from Sin City to London Town for the occasion) or Salvation played live for the first time since 2013. There was a strong connection between the band and the crowd – something we could feel in the air – not only because of the large amount of picks thrown at the fans (we loved that!) but mainly for the genuine intention of Ivan Moody to create something special for their army of fans, something that goes beyond a metal show. As previously said, the setlist was perfectly balanced between moments of mayhem like during Trouble and Lift Me Up or moments for a quick break like the acapella version of Oasis’ Champagne Supernova (another surprise for the British audience).

We truly enjoyed the show, as we are sure the 10,000 fans that were at the Wembley Arena did, and we can’t wait for 5FDP to release a new album and bring new material on stage.


● Welcome To The Circus

● Lift Me Up

● Trouble

● Wash It All Away

● Jekyll And Hyde

● Sham Pain

● The House Of The Rising Sun

● Salvation

● Remember Everything

● Far From Home

● Wrong Side Of Heaven


● Got Your Six

● Coming Down

● Inside Out

● Under And Over It

● The Bleeding

Photos and Review by Luca Viola

Duff Press (Valeria Laghezza)

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