“Blind Guardian” drove the fans crazy on Thursday night in Buenos Aires

Last November 16, Blind Guardian returned to Buenos Aires, then of 8 years, rocking the Teatro Flores!!

Started the night with “Beto Vazquez Infinity” an Argentinian power and progressive metal band created by Beto Vazquez, (ex-Nepal’s leader) with the powerful voice of Melani Hess, the band released 7 Studio albums, You can see the beautiful connection between members of the band, and how good they sound live.

“Beto Vazquez Infinity”

Continuing with AZEROTH, an Argentinian metal band formed in 1995, They rocked the night incredibly well, leaving us ready for the wonderful thing that was to come.

With almost 40 years of career, pioneering Power Metal, with 12 albums and unmatched success The German Band Blind Guardian at 9 o’clock, (European punctuality), took the stage with “Imaginations From The Other Side”, with a very excited audience before starting the concert, exploded with this song!! continuing with “Blood Of The Elves”, from the last album. The tour that brings the band is the album they published last year, The God Machine, (an album with wonderful reviews).

The lovely Hansi Kürsch (vocalist) interacted with the fans all night, saying “You are so crazy” and “Son los Mejores” he is an adorable person and made us feel so close to the band, like a familiar!, also commented about futbol, asking what we were doing in the show, if Argentina, Uruguay were playing! Haha.

Although the Germans carried out an exhaustive review of their entire discography, from their debut album to the most recent, we can enjoy amazing songs such as “Nightfall” , The Script for My Requiem” and The Bard’s Song – In The Forest” ( this last with the audience singing the full song, with the band excited to hear the fans singing very passionated)

The crowd did not stop asking for “Welcome to Dying”, throughout the concert, (a song not included in the setlist) Hansi spoke with the band for a few seconds, and decided to give us that gift, they played “Welcome to Dying”, the audience so happy with it!!!

Continuing with the huge track “Valhalla”, the last song should be “Mirror, Mirror”, the entire band is determined to finish the show, the drummer is already ready to give away the drumsticks to the audience, Kürsch (so happy with the passion of the fans, said, not wait, one more song)

Blind Guardian gave everything, but the audience even more! During all my concert covers, I had never seen an audience so effusive, excited, passionate, and energetic as the one last Thursday, with Blind Guardian, I must admit that we have the best audience in the world, without a doubt! I’m proud to be Argentinian!


Imaginations From the Other Side, Blood of the Elves, Nightfall, The Script for My Requiem, Violent Shadows, Skalds and Shadows, Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill), Secrets of the American Gods, The Bard’s Song – In the Forest, Majesty, Traveler in Time


Sacred Worlds, Lord of the Ring, Welcome to Dying (Crowd request), Valhalla, Mirror Mirror, The Quest for Tanelorn

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Eliana Fernandez

Produced by NWM Productions

Publicist Gaby Sisti

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