‘Alain Johannes Trio’ in concert, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 15

The Legendary Alain Johannes returned to Argentina at Uniclub, last Saturday, April 15 with “Alain Johannes Trio” with the incredible Chilean musician’s Cote and Felipe Foncea.

Johannes is Chilean by birth and raised in the US. From a very young age, he established his name in the big world rock scene over the last 25 years thanks to his band Eleven and collaborations with Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Mark Lanegan, Silverchair, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Grohl and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam).

Alian provided those in attendance, with a solid mixture of Eleven classics, along with solo work
that spans decades. The musical set also included solos that were simply amazing, which proved Johannes can easily be considered a masterful guitarist.
The Living Rock Legend appeared on stage. He proceeded to give the crowd what they were requesting. Opening with This Little Finger (Eleven covers).

With the wonderful Felipe Foncea on the keyboard, the powerful sounds of the drums by the incredible Cote Foncea, and Alains guitar work was an outright highlight of the show, certainly showing off for the audience. Guitar riffs from famous tracks were flowing into each other with a genius not possessed by many. Was an incredible concert, I was fortunate enough to witness. We cant wait to see them again

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Carli NoLimits
Special thanks to Alfredo Steffano (Alain`s Brother) Gustavo Abbate, Manager.

This Little Finger (Eleven cover), Let It Gnaw, Nature Wants To Kill Me (Eleven cover), Kaleidoscope, Endless Eyes, Return to You, Eyes To The Sky, You’re My Diamond (Eleven cover), All My Friends (Eleven cover), Crash Today (Eleven cover), Seasick of You (Eleven cover), Reach Out (Eleven cover), Hanging Tree (Desert Sessions cover), Luna a Sol, Making a Cross (Desert Sessions cover), Why (Eleven cover)
Make It Wit Chu (Queens of the Stone Age cover)
A Trick With No Sleeve (Sound City Players cover)

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