THE MAINE Live in London, April 26th

The Maine brought their “Sweet 16 Tour” to the UK for two dates only and tonight at the O2 Forum Kentish Town they closed the second leg of the tour that kicked off in the US in November last year. The idea of celebrating their 16 years together as a band was also planned with the release of their latest, and first self-titled album, in August 2023. The show in London was the best combination of their biggest hits and new songs from their new record.

The atmosphere was just right – and we are not saying that only because of the disco ball that was hanging over the stage, the glitter backdrop or the bands’ shining outfits – but it really felt like a huge end of year party. It was almost like there were no barriers between the audience and the band members – most probably this is because of the special connection that the five guys from Arizona have built over the last…16 years!

By the time the band hits the stage, the Forum already turned into a massive ballroom, with people singing, jumping and dancing to the notes of “I Must Be Dreaming”, “I Think About You All The Time”, “Right Girl and Loved You A Little”.
The show continued seamlessly, with only a few interruptions from John O’Callaghan who sang for more than 20 songs to The Maine’s fans who will definitely remember this show as one of their best (so far!). Callaghan played the role of the main host and entertainer perfectly, making sure that the audience was always involved throughout the show (like when he invited a fan on stage during Girls Do What They Want).
We will definitely love to see The Maine again in the future, but in the meantime… Happy 16th Birthday!!

● Dose N.2
● I Must Be Dreaming
● Diet Soda Society
● I Think About You All The Time
● Right Girl
● (Un)Lost
● Loved You A Little
● How To Exit A Room
● Like We Did
● Love & Drugs
● Numb Without You
● English Girls
● Thoughts I Have While Lying In Bed
● Don’t Come Down
● Saving Grace
● Forever Halloween
● Everything I Ask For
● Sticky
● Lost Nostalgia
● Black Butterflies And Deja-Vu
● Misery
● Blame
● Girls Do What They Want
● Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful
● Another Night On Mars

Photos and Review by Luca Viola

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