Obscura rocked the Saturday night!

Last Saturday, October 28, Uniclub was the host of an amazing rock night!!
Opening the night the local bands MATAN S.A (who also opened the show of MARDUK, the same night), continuing with CLIMATIC TERRA in a great performance, Silvina Harris the vocalist with incredible vocal ranges and finally (before Obscura takes the stage) MELISMA a band from Chaco Argentina, surprised me so much, sounds so good! I did not know them, but I recommend the band!

Now the great moment of the night, Obscura took the stage and the audience exploded!!!!
Starting with “Forsaken”, a track that also corresponds to the opening of their latest release, “A Valediction”, Then of 20 years a long-awaited debut in Argentina finally materialized. Going through their current and old tracks, playing songs such as “Emergent Evolution” and classics such as “Akróasis” and “Ode To The Sun”, the mosh pits became more and more intense and crazy.

Steffen Kummerer with a constant smile, with a clean and perfect sound in his voice.

“Septuajint” and “Incarnated” were selected to close the night, Despite some small inconveniences with the set, and the lights a little dark, the band showed us all their power and professionalism, and we can’t wait to see them again soon!!!

Forsaken, Emergent Evolution, Devoured Usurper, Akróasis, Ode to the Sun, The Beyond, The Anticosmic Overload, Ocean Gateways, When Stars Collide, Septuagint, Incarnated.

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici
Photos by Paula Andersen
Produced by Icarus Music
Publicist Marcela Scorca

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