Cristian Castro “The RockStar” with La Esfinge

Last Friday, October 27 La Esfinge (Cristian Castro’s Rock band) presented their new Album “La cruel Cantora” at the Teatro Vorterix.

Cristian is Known as one of the romantic singers with the best voice in Latin America, with beautiful songs as “Volver Amar” Lloran las Rosas” just to mention a few, today we have the pleasure to know the other artistic facet of Castro, “The Rockstar”, He has always talked about his passion for rock, fan of Tool, (He has his logo tattooed on his back). In 2014 Castro created “La Esfinge” his metal rock band!

The Current members of the band are Ruido Barilari (bass), Chowy Fernandez (guitar), Alan Fritzler (drums), and Alejandro Graf (keyboard).

Talking about the great concert, at 21 o’clock the lights went out, The moment that La Esfinge took the stage, starting with “Lobos” we can hear the shocking sound of the drums, from the hand of Alan Fritzler and the keyboard by Alejandro Graf, when Cristian started to sing the aundience exploded!! Continuing with “Príncipes siniestros” and “Purgatorio”

Their fourth song was “La cruel Cantora” song that gives name to their latest album released on October 20.

With Grand Prix fórmula 1, they blew our heads! The fans scream, jump, and sing!

The emotional moment of the night was when Cristian remembered the recently deceased Ricardo Iorio and dedicated to song “El Brutal Caín” in his name.

I want to highlight the amazing performance of Ruido Barilari with a very powerful voice, and an incredible artistic display on stage.

Closing the night with “Cuarta dimensión” Cristian has shown us that he is not only one of the most beautiful voices in romantic music, but also a true rockstar!


Lobos, Príncipes siniestros, Purgatorio, La cruel cantora, Hedonismo evolución, Fantasmas, Grand prix fórmula 1, Malfarium, Moiras, El brutal Caín (Dedicated to Ricardo Iorio), Beso negro, Las consecuencias, Cuarta dimensión.

Review By Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Eliana Fernandez

Publicist Gaby Sisti

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