A Metal Night with CARCASS

Last May 2nd, at the Teatro Flores Argentina, Liverpool’s grandmasters of extreme metal CARCASS, having a career that extends back 40 years, there’s a real multi-generational crowd in attendance.

Opening the evening 2 Local bands, LESA HUMANIDAD, Despite some problems with the sound, they gave their best, leaving us all with a great image of the band.

continuing with CLIMATIC TERRA, led by Silvina Harris, with her great and powerful voice she conquered the audience.

With the Theatre rammed-packed and fired-up for Carcass, the big moment has arrived, Hitting the stage to opener ‘Buried Dreams‘Jeff Walker’s (bassist/vocalist) was as unbelievably powerful as it was decades ago. ‘Kelly’s Meat Emporium’ was terrifically terrifying, and ‘Incarnate Solvent Abuse’ escalated all the fan’s insanity.

Guitarist Bill Steer has a swagger and presence about him, a cool demeanor that is just captivating, James Blackford plays guitar like an absolute beast taking care of all the solos, and Drummer Daniel Wilding is an absolute powerhouse behind the drums.

With Jeff concerned about his fans, hydrates the heaving crowd, The fervor of the audience grew minute by minute, with incredible mosh pits, worthy of admiration, Then old favorites including the punk-driven ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody’ and thrash-tactic ‘Death Certificate’.

Carcass wisely tries to give their fans the most bang-for-buck with a couple of medleys, while no essential tunes are missed, with recent LP Torn Arteries expectedly getting plenty of attention; ‘The Scythe’s Remorseless Swing‘.

Intensity mirrored from the band to fans and back on the classics ‘Exhume To Consume’ and ‘Reek Of Putrification’, highlighting their transition from grindcore to genuinely catchy melodic death metal. ‘Tools Of The Trade’ was malevolent, and electrifying.

The encore of ‘Exhume To Consume’ was a flawless conclusion. Every admirer was awestruck by the brutal metallic onslaught.

This was my first time and it certainly won’t be the last seeing Carcass live.


Buried Dreams, Kelly’s Meat Emporium, Incarnated Solvent Abuse, Under the Scalpel Blade, This Mortal Coil, Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody / Death Certificate, Dance of Ixtab (Psychopomp & Circumstance March No. 1 in B), Black Star / Keep On Rotting in the Free World, The Scythe’s Remorseless Swing, 316L Grade Surgical Steel, Corporal Jigsore Quandary, Ruptured in Purulence / Heartwork, Tools of the Trade


Genital Grinder, Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore), Exhume to Consume

Encore 2:

Reek of Putrefaction

Review by Maria Fernanda Capici

Photos by Ale Reggiani

Produced by Icarus Music

Press Marcela Scorca

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